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Were You Seriously Hurt? Get Support You Deserve From Our Experienced Team of Texas Injury Lawyers

You’ve seen news stories, heard reports, and learned about risks, but you never thought it could happen to you. Suddenly, you’re one of those people you used to see on television, badly hurt in a car accident, by an 18-wheeler or commercial truck, in a workplace accident, or by a dangerous product.

It’s a frightening experience. When you’re injured and scared, you don’t know whom to trust or how you will pay for all of the damages you face. Your life is turned upside down, and now you’re forced to cope with the physical, mental, and financial consequences.

It’s not fair, but there is something you can do to get help.

Get Support From Our Texas Injury Lawyers So You Can Focus Only on Your Recovery, Not on Battling Insurance Companies

Wayne, Wyatt, and the entire team at Wayne Wright LLP understand what you are up against. With years of experience fighting for injury victims across the nation, our lawyers know what it takes to help you get the best outcome possible after such a devastating event.

When you work with our team, the only thing you have to focus on is recovering from your injuries. Relax while your lawyer goes to bat for you against the insurance company, fighting for every dollar you deserve in your settlement.

Here are some of the types of cases we represent:

  • Truck and commercial vehicle accidents. When a large 18-wheeler collides with your vehicle, your life changes forever. In that instant, a larger, heavier vehicle crushes your car. This puts you at a severe disadvantage, but the disadvantage does not stop at the size and weight difference. You are also at a disadvantage when fighting for your settlement. The trucking companies have powerful insurance adjusters on their side. The adjuster working on your case has one goal: to pay you as little as possible and save the trucking company money. You need a lawyer on your side who understands accidents involving truckers and the unique way trucking industry insurance adjusters operate.
  • Car accidents. Car accidents can happen in a split second. When they do, you’re left to pick up the pieces. Even when the other driver takes responsibility, his insurance company will fight to pay you as little as possible. With a lawyer on your side who understands the games you’ll inevitably face, you can get the maximum settlement you’re entitled to so you can get your life back on track.
  • Dangerous products.When you purchase or use a product, you assume it’s safe. Unfortunately, defects can cause serious and sometimes fatal harm. Don’t try to fight the giant manufacturers on your own. With Wayne Wright backing your case, you have the best chance of getting what you deserve. In the process,  you can to stop other dangerous accidents from happening.
  • Other cases. If you suffered a severe or catastrophic injury, you need the help, support, and guidance of Wayne Wright backing your case. Whether you were hurt while working on an oil field or if you need help getting approved for Social Security disability benefits, our lawyers will fight for you.


When you’re injured, you deserve someone on your side who will fight for you.

You Don't Have to Go Through This Alone!

Wayne, Wyatt, and the entire team at Wayne Wright LLP wants to be your advocate in your claim. With our experience and skill backing your claim, you will get what you deserve and avoid falling victim to the insurance adjuster’s tricks.

Don’t try to fight your claim on your own! With our help, you can sleep better at night knowing your case is being handled in the best way possible. Call us today at 1-800-237-3334 to discuss the details of your case. Consultations are always free! Best of all, because we take cases on a contingency fee basis, our clients pay no attorney fees unless we win your case!

Why Choose Wayne Wright LLP?

  • Power.  You get the power of a national team. With lawyers licensed in 17 states, Wayne Wright is one of the largest and most respected serious injury firms in the country. Recognized by the National Trial Lawyers® as a Top 100 Trial Lawyer (each year from 2007-2015) and becoming a life member of the Multi-Million Dollar Advocates Forum in 2011, Wayne Wright and his team work hard to give you the best in client service.  So, high dollar cases get maximum value.
  • Experience. With decades of trial experience, we bring our trademarked Wayne Wright Team™ approach to all litigation. This means more brainpower on every case and more litigators focused on a successful outcome.
  • Success. Our record of success means proof—backed up at the courthouse. Whether it is a last minute settlement or a verdict by a jury, Wayne Wright fights to the end for maximum value.
  • Confidence. You can relax while Wayne Wright takes charge of every aspect of the case and keeps you involved at any level you feel comfortable.
  • Resources. We advance the money to make sure every aspect of a case is taken care of. If we don’t win, you don’t pay.
  • A fighting personality. The guys in the white hats don’t like to lose. With an outstanding success rate, when Wayne Wright champions a cause, the fight is on!


Doesn’t your case deserve the advantages that Wayne Wright LLP can provide? Don’t you deserve to take the time for a FREE consultation that could lead to a secure future? Call 1-800-237-3334 today or fill in the online contact information to start the process.


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Practice Areas

Truck Accidents Truck Accidents

When a tractor-trailer, 18-wheeler, or any other type of large commercial truck hits your car, you’re at an enormous disadvantage. Not only are your injuries more severe than those of the person who hit you, but now you’re faced with the burden of convincing the insurance adjuster to give you a fair settlement. You need experienced, detailed representation. At Wayne Wright LLP, we provide you with the care you need and deserve to get the maximum settlement available in your claim—and the nationwide scope of our truck accident legal practice means we can help you regardless of where your collision occurred.

Auto Accidents Auto Accidents

Car crash cases are complex. With so many moving parts, you need a lawyer you can count on to work with the insurance adjuster, making it as easy as possible to collect what you deserve. At Wayne Wright, LLP, we understand the many layers of your claim. We work meticulously to fight for the best outcome from your claim. Contact us today to get started on your case.

Property Damage Property Damage

It only takes one fallen tree branch to make people realize how much they take their homes for granted. If you have suffered damage to your home or vehicle from storms, hail, tornadoes, flooding, or another person’s negligence, the attorneys at Wayne Wright LLP will fight with the goal to get you get the full amount you need to repair or replace your destroyed property.

Dangerous Drugs Dangerous Drugs

Consumers have a right to assume that any products they bring into their homes and put into their bodies are safe to use—including the medications their doctors prescribe. If you have been injured by the effects of a pharmaceutical drug, the manufacturer, your doctor, hospital, pharmacy, or even a sales representative can be held liable for your suffering. 

Medical Malpractice Medical Malpractice

We all trust doctors, nurses, and hospital staff to do their jobs effectively, trusting them with our lives and the lives of our loved ones. Unfortunately, some of these people make mistakes that result in serious injury or the death of a patient—and worst of all, the injuries could continue to happen to others under the person’s care. Learn more about your rights to compensation after medical malpractice here.

Wrongful Death Wrongful Death

People often feel powerless after someone in their family suffers a sudden death. As you struggle to pick up the pieces and move on with your life, the person responsible for your loved one’s accident may offer you a settlement to compensate you for your loss. This settlement may seem like a kind gesture, but it is actually a way to stop you from investigating the accident and holding the person liable for much more than he offered. The wrongful death attorneys at Wayne Wright LLP can help get the justice and compensation you rightfully deserve after a tragic accident.

Defective Medical Devices Defective Medical Devices

When an untested medical device hits the market, thousands of consumers can be injured before the product is recalled. Patients can suffer painful side effects, unforeseen surgeries, and other complications as a result of a malfunctioning device. Let us help you hold manufacturers accountable for ignoring patient safety and causing you or your loved ones harm. 

Dangerous Products Dangerous Products

You trust the products you use and drugs you take to help make your life better. When something goes wrong and you’re seriously injured, you might have a case against the manufacturer or retailer. Get justice with help from a dangerous product lawyer at Wayne Wright, LLP.

Funeral Malpractice & Negligence Funeral Malpractice & Negligence

After the death of a family member, devastated relatives rely on the services of funeral directors for emotional support and closure. But if a funeral home or mortician does not treat your loved one with respect, a period of mourning can become even more emotionally harrowing. Find out if you could seek damages for funeral malpractice and negligence.

Other Cases We Handle Other Cases We Handle

Injuries can happen in many different ways. Wayne Wright, LLP has in-depth experience working on a variety claims, from job accidents to premises liability to Social Security disability claims. Call Wayne Wright when you want the best available outcome for your injury claim.

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