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Wayne Wright LLP
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What You Can Expect When Working With Our Team of Injury Lawyers

Goal Fulfilled

Wayne Wright’s ambition in 1975 was to own and operate a law firm that exclusively provided legal services on a contingency fee basis to people who otherwise could not afford to hire a quality lawyer. Wayne Wright LLP is the fulfillment of that goal and more. Today, Wayne Wright LLP represents people from all walks of life in San Antonio, Austin, Corpus Christi and El Paso, Texas. Still committed to accepting cases on a contingency fee basis, we don’t get paid unless our clients get paid.

As a San Antonio personal injury lawyer, Wayne Wright had the vision to create a law firm built around his philosophy that all clients, callers and visitors to our offices should be treated with dignity and respect. As a businessperson, Wayne Wright built a model to deliver the quality legal services he demands on a consistent basis, in each office and department. Wayne Wright knew that if he could create a firm that operated consistently to his high standards, the firm would grow and he would be able to help more injured people.

RESPECT: We dignify our clients and their cases with proper attention.

JUSTICE: We work hard and passionately, obtaining justice for every client.

LEGAL EXPERTISE: We assign our qualified team of attorneys and legal staff to each case.

SERVICE: We provide superior client service to all calls and visits-answering questions personally and professionally.

COMMUNICATION: We give you regular, periodic case status updates; prompt return of your phone calls; teamwork and cooperation among our staff.

ETHICS: You can be assured of consistent ethical behavior from everyone, as representatives of Wayne Wright LLP.

DEDICATION: Our office consistently standardizes systems and procedures and uses custom designed software to provide our entire staff with the best tools to serve each client.

STRENGTH: We invest in our team, our capabilities, and our infrastructure, keeping our firm strong and effective. We provide expertise on every level to benefit our clients and our community.

Satisfied Clients, Satisfied Staff

Wayne Wright continues to operate his law firm based on sound personal service principles. Investing in our people and the infrastructure of the firm with state-of-the-art technology results in a smooth-running, positive work environment. This enables our attorneys and staff to spend their time and talent focusing on what is of utmost importance – working each case to the best of their ability and providing outstanding client service. The significant investment is well worth it. When our employees enjoy their work and office environment, they value their position and are motivated to take care of our clients to our high standards.

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