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Is Eating While Driving Just as Dangerous as Texting While Driving?

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If you’re like most Americans, you’re always pressed for time and constantly on the go. One way you may think you can kill two birds with one stone is to eat while you’re driving. After all, taking care of that meal on the road means there’s one less thing you have to do when you get home. Although doing so may help you save some time, it can cause distracted driving, which is extremely dangerous.

Put Down the Burger and Just Drive

With drive-thrus just about everywhere you turn, it’s almost like you are encouraged to eat while driving, particularly since most foods served there are eaten with one hand. But the truth is, doing so is extremely dangerous and here’s why:

  • Eating while driving takes your hand off the wheel, your eyes off of the road, and your mind off of the task of driving.eating while driving
  • Dropping food will create an even bigger distraction, as you will likely panic, then look for the fallen food, causing you to take your eyes and mind off of the road and hands away from the wheel.
  • You could endanger yourself if you spill something hot on your body. Along with the injury from the food, you will likely become upset and drive dangerously as a result.
  • Those who eat and drive often drive dangerously above or below the speed limit because their minds are taken away from driving.
  • Even allowing your kids to eat while you drive is dangerous, as you may need to hand them the food, which pulls you away from what is occurring on the road, and you’ll need to assist should a spill or injury from the food take place.

Eating While Driving Can Cause Painful—and Expensive—Injuries

If you’re hit by a motorist who was eating while driving, you’ll likely incur expensive medical bills and lose time from work. The attorneys of Wayne Wright may be able to help you receive compensation that can cover those costs. Call us today at 800.237.3334 to find out how we’ve helped many car accidents victims in Austin justice for their accidents.

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