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How Party Hosts and Guests Can Avoid Super Bowl Drunk Driving Crashes

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The close of the football season is fast approaching, and you won the toss to host your friends for the final game of the year. But as you stock up on snack, booze, and other treats for your guests, take a minute to consider what might happen to them as they make their way home.

Super Bowl Party Tips to Get in the Game (Without Losing Your License)

Super Bowl Sunday has long been associated with incidents of drunk driving. The National Highway Traffic Safety Bowl of Chips With a Football and a Six-Pack of BeerAdministration (NHTSA) estimates that nearly half of all traffic fatalities on that Sunday evening and the early hours of Monday morning are drunk driving-related, causing many preventable injuries and deaths.

Fortunately, the outcome of your party is a little easier to control than the outcome of the big game. All it takes is a little planning and team spirit to get everyone to play by the rules. As the home team, party hosts can prevent drunk driving after the Super Bowl in many ways:

  • Kickoff. Give your team members a hand by serving lots of food to keep their stomachs full and their blood alcohol levels down. Foods high in protein (such as eggs, meat, cheese, and beans) help regulate alcohol levels and prevent guests from getting drunk too fast.
  • Snap. Start the party off right by making sure all of your guests have designated a sober driver before they begin drinking. Make sure you have plenty of non-alcoholic beverages available throughout the day.
  • Halftime. People who have been drinking need time to sober up before they attempt to drive home. At halftime, pull the alcohol off the bar and set out milk, tea, and coffee, as well as sweets or desserts to help your guests recover.
  • Running interference. If someone drinks too much and causes an accident, you could be held liable for the accident. Help keep everyone safe by providing numbers for local cab companies, offering to drive friends home, and taking the keys away from anyone who may be impaired at the end of the party.

If you’re a member of the away team, there’s a lot you can do to make sure everyone—including you!—gets home safely:

  • Time out! The game will go on for hours, but drinking too fast can get you drunk in as little as 15 minutes. Pace yourself to avoid drinking too much, too fast. Make sure you have something in your stomach before you begin drinking, and switch in a soda or bottled water between alcoholic drinks.
  • Pass. If you’re going to drink at a party, make arrangements with a sober driver before arriving. If you drive your own vehicle, surrender your keys at the door.
  • Make the call. If you think you might be drunk at the end of the night, never risk driving home. Ask a sober partygoer for a lift, call a cab, or ask the host for a couch to crash on—but whatever you do, stay off the road!
  • Intercept. If you see an intoxicated friend attempting to drive himself home, say something. It’s better to take his keys and have him be angry for a few days than let him drive and lose him forever.

Want to do even more to prevent drunk driving crashes after the Super Bowl? Share this article with your friends on Facebook to get them fired up and prepared to enjoy the game!


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