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Truck Driver Numbers Are Dwindling: Why This Is Dangerous For Drivers Like You

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Truck driver hands on steering wheelTruck drivers are some of the hardest workers around and some of the most sought-after. While it was once a popular profession, trucking companies now have a hard time hiring enough workers. This is good news for aspiring truckers, as they are almost assured of jobs once they become eligible for employment, but it is potentially bad for non-commercial drivers like you.

Why Truckers Are No Longer Interested

Truck drivers are essential to just about every commercial enterprise. Tractor trailers haul everything from merchandise you find in stores to the materials needed to build homes. Without them, your world would be completely different. Unfortunately, truck driving just doesn’t have the same appeal it used to. In fact, according to a recent report, approximately 200,000 truck driver spots sit empty across the country. With the economy down and jobs at a scarcity, why the lack of interest? Here, we take a look.

  • The trucker life isn’t for everyone. Long hours behind the wheel, sleeping on the road in a tight cabin, and not seeing loved ones for days, or even weeks, on end just isn’t for everyone. Living a trucker’s life means you’re on the go all the time and life isn’t all that comfortable. The strain this lifestyle can put on one’s health and home life is a deterrent for many looking for a career.
  • Becoming a trucker is difficult. Not just anyone can become a truck driver, and as it should be. A trucker has a great deal of responsibility that shouldn’t be taken lightly. Along with driving a massive vehicle that could endanger the lives of many if not handled properly, truck drivers are also in charge of the potentially dangerous cargo inside their vehicles. Additionally, getting certification isn’t an easy feat. Aspiring truck drivers must earn their licenses and have to undergo schooling before doing so, which can take lots of time and money. Finally, finding a trucking company that is willing to take on an inexperienced driver is difficult.

Why Fewer Truckers Means More Dangers for Drivers

Just because the enthusiasm for trucking careers has died down, doesn’t mean the industry has. As a result, current truck drivers have to pick up the slack, which could mean trouble for you, and here’s why:

  • Truckers are working more. The truck driver who just passed you on Rte. 181 could be on the downside of a 12-hour run, which means he is likely exhausted and more likely to make an error. Although new driving regulations were implemented to limit the amount of time a trucker is supposed to spend behind the wheel, it doesn’t mean that the driver follows them. Because drivers have to make up for the shortage of drivers, they are likely more tired and stressed than usual, which can lead to dangerous accidents.
  • Truckers are on time crunches. Truckers are already on tight schedules, and when they are forced to pick up the work of others, their time becomes even more limited. This means truck drivers are more inclined to speed and drive erratically to get to their destinations on time, and put you in danger in the process.
  • Truckers are stressed. All of this urgency and pressure can take its toll over time. Truck drivers may look to dangerous solutions in an effort to combat the stress. Drivers may use drugs or alcohol while working, which puts everyone around them at risk. Truckers may also spend time on their phones texting or talking to alleviate some of the stress, and as you likely know, distracted driving is inherently dangerous.

Were You Injured Because of a Negligent Truck Driver?

You’re not to blame for the lack of truck drivers, yet you’re paying the price as the victim of a Corpus Christie truck accident. To get help paying for your medical bills, time off of work, and vehicle repair, contact the attorneys of Wayne Wright by calling 800-237-3334. We may be able to get you the compensation you deserve.

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