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How can I be sure to include all of the items in my home that were lost on my insurance claim?

When a significant amount of your property has been damaged, it can be hard to think clearly. No matter whether your home was broken into, damaged by a fire, or collapsed due to structural failure, it will take a while for you to pick up the pieces—and the first step you will need to Home Owner Talking to an Officer After a Break intake is making an insurance claim. Your insurer will require a comprehensive list of lost, destroyed, or stolen items, and it can be difficult to remember the layout of your home after a traumatic event.

Here are three things you can do to jog your memory and track down missing items:

  • Check your inventory. Many people must make a list of their belongings in a home inventory, which is provided to the insurance company when you buy a policy. Each item over $50 should be carefully recorded, noting the make, model, and serial number of each item. If you don’t have a home inventory, make sure you compile one as you replace your items!
  • Look through photo albums. If the rooms of your home have been completely destroyed, look through your photo albums to remember the layout of the rooms. You can also browse Facebook to see if friends have recently taken pictures inside your home. Make a list of each room (including the garage and attic) and note the items inside each room, including jewelry, clothing, tools, appliances, and large and small electronics.
  • Search for proof. First, search through your paperwork for receipts, owner's manuals, and other ownership documents. If your paperwork was lost, search your email and online policies to see what you may have listed as insured. Finally, look through the aftermath of the damage itself to fill in the gaps. Even if items were stolen, there are always clues at the scene, such as a clean space on a dusty shelf where an expensive vase once sat.

We Can Help You Get Compensation for Your Lost Personal Items

If you are having trouble compiling a list of lost items, we can help you complete your insurance claim and get the full replacement amount you are owed. Call Wayne Wright today at 800-237-3334 to discuss the details of your case in your free consultation.