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Are Accident injury Service groups legal?

These groups are usually associated with crooked lawyers trying to illegally solicit your case. Also, persons other than lawyers who offer these types of services are committing the unauthorized practice of law. The purpose behind prohibiting the unauthorized practice of law is to protect the public from the mistakes of those who are not properly trained and licensed to practice law. American Home Assur. Co., Inc. v. Unauthorized Practice of Law Cmte., 121 S.W.3d 831 (Tex.App. –Eastland, 2003). When unethical people handle your case, you stand to be taken advantage of or cheated.

As an example, in Texas it is a CRIME if a person other than a lawyer: (1) contracts with any person to represent that person with regard to personal causes of action for property damages or personal injury; (2) advises any person as to the person’s rights and the advisability of making claims for personal injuries or property damages; or (3) advises any person as to whether or not to accept an offered sum of money in settlement of claims for personal injuries or property damages. In Texas this is a Class A Misdemeanor for the first offense, and a 3rd degree Felony for subsequent offenses. See, §38.123 of the Texas Penal Code.

If this happens to you, we urge you to gather as much information as you can about the situation and then give this information to your trusted attorney, the State Bar, and most importantly to the Society of Ethical Attorneys at Law (http://www.societyofethicalattorneys.org/).