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Help! I was badly hurt in a car accident on San Pedro Avenue. I wasn't at fault but I’m worried about how much this will cost me. What types of costs are involved with San Antonio car accidents?

Regardless of whether you were at fault for the car accident, you pay physically. Car insurance is in place to help you avoid paying financially, too. Unfortunately, many car crash victims still end up paying out of pocket for an accident that was not their fault because they do not realize the true costs of a car accident.

Where Money Is Available in a Car Accident Claim

Understanding the monetary costs of a car accident is the first step toward getting a settlement that covers you completely. Here are some of the surprising areas that people pay after a collision.

  • Medical expenses. Your medical costs add up quickly. Although you might have health insurance to cover these costs, you’re still forced to pay for your deductible. To get reimbursed for the cost of your medical expenses, you need to know exactly which injuries were caused due to the crash. You must also know the full extent of your injuries. Sometimes, an injury does not appear until weeks or months after the crash. Waiting to file your settlement until you know exactly how and how badly you were hurt will prevent you from paying for late-appearing injuries.
  • Vehicle repairs. The insurance adjuster will work with the body shop to determine how much it will cost to repair your vehicle. If the insurance adjuster believes that damage was there prior to the crash, they will not pay to have it repaired. This is another way that you could be forced to pay for a crash you did not cause.
  • Living expenses. If you are seriously hurt, chances are you will be homebound for an extended period of time. You may need to hire a home helper to come in and clean, care for you, or do other work around the house. This is an expense that you should not have to pay for out of pocket.
  • Lost wages. You will probably also miss a good amount of work after a serious injury. This can cost you a lot of money in lost income. The insurance adjuster should cover your lost wages as a part of the financial settlement for your crash.


There are a lot of hidden costs that are not immediately apparent following your crash. With help from a San Antonio car accident lawyer, you can avoid having to pay even more for your accident than you are already paying. Contact us to talk about your case and learn what other costs you might be forced to pay if you do not fight for your settlement.