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Dangerous Premises and Job Site Injuries FAQs

Read FAQs related to dangerous premises and job site injuries in Texas.
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  • Can I file a personal injury claim after being injured by toxic chemical exposure at work?

    After exposure to a toxic chemical in the workplace, you may suffer severe injuries. Hazardous Chemicals WarningThese injuries may leave you unable to return to work, resulting in an enormous financial strain on both yourself and your loved ones. You also may face substantial medical bills, ongoing rehabilitation costs, and emotional pain and suffering. Fortunately for victims, they may have legal recourse to obtain compensation for these losses as a result of their injuries.

    Claims By Employees Who Have Been Injured by Toxic Chemical Exposure

    What types of claims are potentially available to injured victims after chemical exposure in the workplace? The following is an overview:

    • An employee who is injured on the job can pursue a workers’ compensation claim for their losses.
    • If the toxic chemical exposure was caused by a third party, such as another person or company, the employee can file a personal injury claim.
    • Personal injury claims are based on fault.
    • In order to obtain compensation against someone in a third-party claim, the injured employee must prove that the third party was negligent.

    What is an example of a possible third-party claim following exposure to toxic chemicals? If you are injured as a result of chemical exposure and the chemical manufacturer failed to disclose that people working with that chemical must use a specific type of protective equipment, you may have a third-party claim against the manufacturer. The manufacturer had an obligation to provide the user of its product with the necessary information in order to keep users of the product safe.

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  • How much could my slip-and-fall lawsuit be worth?

    When you are trying to determine how much you could be owed in a personal injury case, you should know that a jury is unlikely to award you vast sums of money unless you can prove that you have lost such an amount as a result of your injury. Simply put, how much you are awarded in a slip and fall suit should cover the sum total of your losses during the accident, treatment, and recovery.

    Your settlement should include enough money to compensate you for your:

    • Medical losses. When estimating your damages, the first thing you should calculate is the amount of your medical costs. For example, if you suffered a broken leg, you should tally up your total out-of-pocket expenses (x-rays, prescriptions, copayments, ambulance costs, rehabilitation costs, fuel to and from doctor’s visits, etc), as well as any devices (such as canes or wheelchairs) you purchased to ease your recovery.
    • Property loss. Although some accidents involve a loss of property, you will have to prove that the items were lost in the accident as well as how much they were worth. For instance, if an expensive piece of jewelry or your cellphone was damaged in the fall, you may be able to get payment for its replacement.
    • Lost income. If you were forced to miss work for any length of time due to your injury, you should calculate the amount of income you could have earned, as well as any incentives you lost (such as commissions, network contacts, or future employment contracts).
    • Pain and suffering. If you have suffered an unreasonable amount of inconvenience or pain, a jury may award you an amount beyond your established financial losses, called pain and suffering. While it is up to the jury to choose the amount, victims who have suffered permanent disabilities are more likely to receive additional compensation.

    While every case is different, the one thing they have in common is that you only have one chance to make your case and win compensation. To begin building a successful injury case, click the contact link on this page to schedule a consultation with one of our attorneys.