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What medical conditions can prevent truckers from driving?

Just like non-commercial motorists are required to pass certain medical examinations—like vision tests—to get behind the wheel, truckers also have to have health clearances to operate their vehicles, as well. A trucker’s health standards, however, are much stricter than the average driver. After all, a commercial driver operates a massive vehicle that could seriously injure, or kill, those it comes in contact with.

Health Conditions That Prevent Safe Truck Driving

Apart from obvious impairments such as blindness, a variety of different conditions can prevent drivers from operating trucks. Unfortunately, some drivers operate their trucks anyway—putting others on the road at risk. The following are a few examples of health conditions that could cause problems for truck drivers:

  • Sleeping conditions. Drowsy driving is extremely dangerous and laws exist to prevent truckers from driving while tired. Any medical issues that prevent drivers from sleeping properly can stop them from driving. For instance, sleep apnea or other conditions that cause people to fall asleep can stop someone from being able to drive safely.
  • Diabetes. Those with diabetes who require insulin are typically not able to operate trucks. The fear is that this serious condition may cause the driver to pass out, become dizzy, or experience other issues that occur with abnormal blood sugar levels.
  • High blood pressure. Patients with high blood pressure are required to attend frequent checkups, and are banned from driving if their readings ever go higher than 180/110.
  • Heart disease. Although not all heart conditions stop a person from operating large trucks, some do. Those that are serious enough to cause heart failure, in which the driver may lose consciousness at any time, will likely prevent him from legally getting behind the wheel.

Were You Injured by a Driver Who Should Not Have Been Driving?

If you were injured in a truck accident, you may be entitled to receive financial compensation. Contact the attorneys at Wayne Wright LLP to learn more about your rights and start on your road to recovery.