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How can a nurse cause a wrongful death?

Hospital patients often refer to nurses as guardian angels. After all, they often see the nurses more often than they do the physicians. Often times, nurses administer the medications, treatments, and care that are needed while in the hospital.

Nurses Often Commit Malpractice That Leads to Wrongful Death

Unfortunately, to err is human, and nurses aren’t immune to making mistakes. The problem is that many errors can cost a person A Gavel Next to a Stethoscope his life. Nurses are rightfully held to a higher standard than others, as many people put lives in their hands. When nurses fail to perform their jobs at the appropriate level, however, helpless patients can die as a result. Although nurses can perform a variety of different types of malpractice, some are more common than others. Malpractice can turn into wrongful death when:

  • Nurses neglect to check patients for bedsores. These painful wounds can lead to amputations and systemic infections—which may result in death.
  • Medications are administered at the wrong time. Some medications can have fatal results if given with other medications during a certain time frame.
  • The wrong amounts of medications are given. Drug overdoses can occur when nurses mistakenly give too much medication. Giving too little medication can also lead to catastrophic results.
  • The nurse fails to check and monitor vital signs properly. Inaccurate vital sign readings can cause patients to not receive the urgent care that is needed. Alternatively, wrong readings can result in patients receiving medications that aren’t actually needed.

Do You Believe a Nurse Caused the Death of Your Loved One?

You understand that no one is perfect; however, you also believe that your loved one would still be alive if it weren’t for a healthcare professional’s mistake. If you want to take action, the legal team of Wayne Wright LLP may be able to help.