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Could my joint problems be caused by the pain pump I had inserted after surgery?

Many doctors recommend the use of electronic drug infusion pumps after surgery. These devices are programmable and deliver a measured dose of intravenous pain medication or other IV fluids to recovering patients. However, these “pain pumps” have been linked to a number of problems, including:

  • Malfunction. Software problems in drug infusion pumps can include dosage alarm failures, battery overheating, or mechanical problems that cause sparks or electrical fires.
  • Improper dosage. If a defective infusion pump malfunctions, a patient could be given too much or too little of the drug, leading to unnecessary pain or potentially fatal medication overdose.
  • Off-label injection. The FDA has approved the use of drug infusion pumps only for injection into muscle tissue. However, some doctors have opted to use them to inject pain medication into the synovial space, a necessary gap in the joint. This “off-label” use has led to a rise in post-surgery cases of chondrolysis, a painful breakdown of the joint cartilage that can cause permanent loss of motion in the affected joint.

Who Is Responsible for My Pain Pump Injury?

It can be difficult for a patient to determine who is at fault for their suffering. A patient who suffered an overdose may assume the manufacturer is liable; however, it is possible that your doctor did not program the device correctly, and is at fault for administering an improper dosage.

The attorneys at Wayne Wright LLP can investigate the circumstances of your case to discover whose negligence led to your injury, and we do not charge anything unless we win your case.  Call 800-237-3334 today to see if you could be owed compensation for your hospital bills, future treatments, and other losses.