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Is there a deadline for filing a request for reconsideration after a disability claim denial?

When filing an application for Social Security disability benefits, there is a reasonably high chance that the claim may initially be denied. On average, about two out of every three disability applications are denied. Fortunately, this does not have to be the end of the road when it comes to obtaining the benefits that you need. Filing a request for reconsideration is an important next step. For this request to be successful, however, you must file prior to the appropriate deadline.


Deadlines Relating to Requests for Reconsideration

What deadlines may apply to your request? The following is an overview:

  • The request must be filed before the 60-day appeal deadline. This request is made by contacting your local Social Security disability benefits office or the office where your claim was initially filed. The 60 days begins running from the date of the denial of the disability application.
  • Five additional days may be added to the appeal deadline in order to account for mail delivery time when filing your request for reconsideration.
  • Within 10 to 14 days after filing your request for reconsideration, contact Social Security to confirm that that request was received. If you fail to do so, you run the risk of a late appeal.

Paying attention to deadlines is just one aspect of successfully appealing a denial of an application for disability benefits. Hiring an experienced attorney can help to ensure that these important deadlines are met. We strongly encourage you to reach out for guidance from a knowledgeable attorney. Our office is available for your assistance whenever you need us, any time of the day or night.