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Is it too late to join the 2015 Stryker hip lawsuit?

Most patients who met eligibility criteria for the Stryker Corp. hip implant settlements were required to submit their claim for payment by March 2, 2015. However, it is still possible to join the Stryker hip lawsuit, as the first settlement payments will not begin until summer 2015, and enhanced payments will likely not be paid until late 2015 or early 2016.

How Much Could I Be Awarded?

In order to be eligible for compensation, patients must have:

  • Received a defective model. Only patients who had Stryker Corp. Rejuvenate Modular or ABG II Modular-Neck hip implants are eligible under the current program.
  • Needed revision surgery. Stryker is currently only compensating patients who were forced to undergo revision surgery to remove and replace their defective hip devices.
  • Meet time requirements. Only patients whose devices failed and required surgical replacement before November 3, 2014 are eligible for this settlement.

If the above describes your situation, Stryker should provide you a minimum payment of $300,000. If you suffered additional injuries, needed multiple surgeries, or suffered a serious infection as a result of revision surgery, the amount of your award could increase significantly. However, you will have to act quickly to make sure you are included in the settlement program.

If you received a Stryker Rejuvenate or ABG II hip implant device, we can help you get the settlement funds you deserve. To find out how victims can get justice and compensation for injuries caused by dangerous medical device, call the hip recall attorneys at Wayne Wright today at 800-237-3334.