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Is a truck driver obligated to inspect the truck’s tires before driving?

truck wheelsIf you are driving alongside a large truck and one of its tires explodes, the result may be terrifying.

It is extremely difficult for a truck driver to maintain control over his vehicle when a tire has blown. The truck may veer across lanes and collide with one or more other vehicles. Other drivers, trying to evade the weaving truck, may accidentally crash into a different car or truck. Fragments of shredded tire become flying debris that can also trigger cascading accidents.

The crasher that follow a tire blowout can cause property damage and potentially severe injuries for other motorists. To prevent these accidents, truck drivers are required to inspect their vehicles—tires included—and keep them in top shape.

Truck Driver Obligations to Inspect Tires Before Trips

What are the obligations of truck drivers when it comes to their tires? The following is an overview:

  • Truck drivers are required by law to conduct pre-trip inspections of their vehicles.
  • These inspections include checking a tire’s pressure to ensure that it does not have either too little or too much air. Tires that have improper tire pressure can deteriorate over time and ultimately lead to failures.
  • Drivers must also inspect the amount of wear and tire on their tires. Worn tires are more likely to blow or leak, potentially causing a crash. Signs that a tire is deteriorating include tread wear, tread and sidewall damage, and air leakage.
  • Drivers are further required to make sure that their tires are not damaged.

Drivers are not the only parties responsible for properly inspecting or maintaining a vehicle’s tires. A trucking company may also be liable after an accident if they did not maintain and inspect the tires in accordance with the regulations outlined by the Department of Transportation. It is important for victims to seek guidance from a knowledgeable professional in order to ensure that they receive the maximum compensation for their injuries after an accident.

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