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Wayne Wright LLP
Call: 210-888-8888
Toll Free: 800-237-3334

What do I have to do if Wayne Wright LLP represents me for my auto accident case?

  • Keep in touch ~ if you move or change your phone numbers, let us know.
  • Be honest with us. We need to know all the facts to give you the best advice and representation possible for a maximum recovery.
  • Let us know if the insurance company or other driver contacts you. Do not make contact with anyone who is not working in your best interest. Focus on your medical treatment and getting well. Refer all callers to your attorney at Wayne Wright LLP.
  • Tell us about changes in your health or medical treatment. We must know if your condition changes or if you see other doctors so that we can obtain your medical records and gather the evidence we need to submit to the insurance company.
  • Make sure you comply with your doctor's advice regarding your medical treatment. If you don't follow that treatment plan, it may affect your overall recovery and your case.
  • Please understand this takes time. We are very efficient but cannot control everything.