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What is PIP?

Personal Injury Protection (PIP) is optional insurance coverage that you purchase to help pay for medical costs related to an accident. The minimum limit on PIP is $2,500 and most people who have PIP carry this amount. If you have PIP, we will submit your medical bills to your insurance carrier and they will pay you for those bills even if health insurance paid for all or a portion of the bills. Although PIP is an optional coverage, the state of Texas requires your insurance company to tell you about PIP coverage and to obtain your signature on a PIP Rejection Notice, if you chose to decline the coverage. If you do not have PIP, but your insurance carrier cannot produce your signed PIP Rejection Notice, they are liable for the minimum coverage. Your insurance company should not raise your rates because you used your Personal Injury Protection, but some carriers may try. If this happens to you, contact your insurance agent. If you do not have PIP, we highly recommend that you purchase it.