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How can I protect my son or daughter from child abuse at day care?

It can be difficult to choose a daycare location that offers all of the benefits of a home environment. When scouting locations, safety should be the number one concern on a parent’s list--and this includes protecting children from physical and sexual abuse.

Day Care Center SignParents can help protect their children from harm by closely examining the policies and locations of day care facilities, including:

  • Restrooms. Most daycare sexual abuse occurs during restroom visits. Ask who is responsible for taking children to the bathroom, what the policies are, and if more than one person escorts children to toilet areas. Restrooms should be in close proximity to play areas, as children can be isolated if restrooms are down long hallways or on a separate floor of the building.
  • Sleeping areas. Children should be properly supervised during nap times, and never left in a room alone.  Ask which staff members supervise children during nap times, and ensure that sleeping areas are near to the main play area.
  • Childcare staff. Always ask about the training, education, and credentials of all daycare personnel who will be interacting with your child. Employees should be screened for criminal history before hiring, including volunteers and teacher's aides.
  • Parent access. Parents should be free to come and go without calling ahead, and there should be no areas that are off-limits to parents. However, there should be a sign-in system when parents visit the daycare, as well as an approved list of family members who are allowed to visit the children.
  • Third-party access. Find out who may have access to your children in addition to parents and staff. Physical and sexual abuse often come from overlooked authority figures, such as bus drivers, janitors, and relatives of the day care center workers.

What Should I Do If My Child Suffered Abuse at Day Care?

If your child was neglected or injured under someone else’s care, we can help. Call Wayne Wright LLP today at 800-237-3334 to discuss your situation with an attorney.