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What should I do if an illegal solicitor calls me or knocks on my door?

You are protected by law from being harassed on the phone and on your property. If a solicitor comes to your house, gather as much information about their identity as you can and then tell them firmly to get off your property. Tell them that you are going to report their activity and then warn them that if they come back you will call the police and file a complaint for criminal trespass. If they call you on the phone, write down the phone number they are calling from and date and time they called. Keep a complete record of all such calls. Ask the caller for their complete name and address, their home telephone number, the company they work for and exactly what service they provide. Then warn them never to call you again or you will report their harassing calls to the police. Lastly, give this information to your trusted attorney, the State Bar, and most importantly to the Society of Ethical Attorneys at Law (http://www.societyofethicalattorneys.org/).