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Wayne Wright LLP
Call: 210-888-8888
Toll Free: 800-237-3334

What will Wayne Wright LLP do for my auto accident case?

  • Provide a team of qualified attorneys and case managers who work together to prove your case. We provide the benefit of the knowledge and experience of our entire team.
  • Obtain and review your medical evidence.
  • Contact you at least every 30 days. We will ask you about your health, your treatment and medications so that we can continue to update your medical records and develop your case.
  • Return your phone calls ~ we return our clients' phone calls the same business day.
  • Eliminate the stress and frustration that goes with trying to do this on your own. We understand the process and have the technology and people in place to do this right.
  • Wayne Wright LLP can also help you if your loved one has been killed in a car accident caused by someone’s negligence and/or wrongful conduct. Renowned as skilled San Antonio wrongful death lawyers, they have helped many families obtain justice.