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What can I do to keep myself safe when approaching an intersection?

Austin is full of intersections and unfortunately, many are quite dangerous. The downtown streets are filled with motorists, cyclists, and pedestrians who are all trying to get where they are going, as quickly as they can. Unfortunately, hundreds of accidents occur at intersections across the country every day. Many are head-on collisions, which can cause serious injuries, including trauma to the brain, broken bones, and whiplash.


Before You Cross

You may know what you are supposed to do when crossing through the intersection, but do you know what precautions you can take when approaching? Here, we discuss a few ways you increase your chances of staying safe.

  • Look for vehicles changing lanes. Motorists often change lanes right before passing through intersections. This is often to get in the appropriate spot or because they know crossing in the actual intersection is quite dangerous. Keep any eye out for vehicles that attempt to do this.
  • Stay focused. Some drivers look down at their radios, check their phones, or turn their heads to engage in conversation upon approaching intersections. They often do so because they assume the light is red and they are going to stop anyway. Unfortunately, this is the exact moment when collisions can occur. Not paying attention to what is going on around can result in a dangerous accident.
  • Look for traffic signs. Some drivers don’t see important signs until they are already through the intersection and it is too late. Scan the area around the intersection before you pass to take note of any important information that is specific to that crossing.

You Can’t Predict the Future

You did what you were supposed to do. You followed the rules but still ended up seriously injured because of an accident due to someone’s negligence. Now you’re left with costly medical bills you have no idea how you’ll pay.

The attorneys of Wayne Wright may be able to help. We’ve assisted many across the Austin area get the compensation they needed in order to cover their medical expenses, vehicle repairs, and time away from work. We may be able to do the same for you. Contact us today to speak with an attorney to find out how.