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My fiancé died because of a medical mistake. Can I sue for wrongful death?

You were about to spend the rest of your life with someone when his life ended tragically. Along with being emotionally devastating, this type of loss is frightening when you share bills together. You may wonder how you’re going to cover the medical expenses now that your fiancé isn’t there to provide financial support, and you’re hoping that because the death was caused by negligence, you’ll receive compensation for wrongful death.

Are You Able to Sue for Wrongful Death?

Since you were engaged and not legally married or a relative to the victim, you aren’t sure if you are entitled to receive any damages for your fiance’s death. Those who are able to sue for wrongful death in Texas include:

  • Spouses. The surviving spouse of the victim is able to sue for wrongful death. The spouse must still be legally married at the time of death and not divorced, and must provide proof that the marriage was still intact.
  • Children. Adult children are able to make claims for wrongful death. Additionally, adopted children are also able to make these claims for their adoptive parents, but not their biological parents.
  • Parents. Parents of children who died are able to make claims for wrongful death. Step-parents, however, are not able to file unless they have fully adopted the child who died. Similarly, adoptive parents are able to file for their adopted children.

Contact Wayne Wright for Help With Your Wrongful Death Claim

If you have questions about your fiance’s wrongful death and want to know if you are eligible to make a wrongful death claim, contact the attorneys of Wayne Wright. We can answer your questions and help you, should you pursue a wrongful death claim. Call 800-237-3334 to speak with a wrongful death lawyer about your situation and find out if we can help.