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What health conditions are causing women to file lawsuits over the Mirena IUD?

While many intra-uterine devices (IUDs) have been shown to be effective forms of birth control for women, Bayer’s Mirena IUD has come under increasing scrutiny as a source of health problems, and lawsuits are beginning to pile up. Evidence is mounting that Mirena may be responsible for several dangerous medical problems, including organ perforation, migration, and a frightening condition called pseudotumor cerebri, or PTC.

Organ Perforation

One dangerous potential risk of Mirena is organ perforation, when the device punctures the wall of the uterus or another organ. Perforation can happen during the insertion process and be undetected until symptoms show, or it can happen if the device shifts or move inside a woman’s body.

Some of the symptoms of perforation include:

  • Severe pain in the lower abdomen
  • The appearance of blood or sudden hemorrhaging
  • Bruising, which may be caused by internal bleeding
  • Decrease in blood pressure
  • Fever and chills
  • Fast heartbeat
  • Nausea
  • Vomiting

Women with Mirena who have these symptoms need to seek medical help right away, especially if they’ve noticed that the locator strings to their IUD have changed or are no longer present.

Mirena Migration

Migration occurs when the IUD shifts location in the body and is no longer positioned correctly. Migration can lead to perforation of the uterus as the device presses up against the uterine wall. The device may even migrate through a perforation and into the abdominal cavity, or even into another organ, such as the bladder or intestines. Mirena has also been known to damage other parts of the reproductive tract, including the fallopian tubes or the cervix.

Symptoms of migration may be difficult to differentiate from perforation, and may include lower abdominal pain, unexpected bleeding, or sudden infections with no other cause. Women with Mirena should be sure to follow the directions from the manufacturer and their health care provider about how to be sure Mirena is still in place.

Pseudotumor Cerebri

One of the most frightening side effects linked to Mirena may be a condition called pseudotumor cerebri, or PTC. While the exact nature of PTC is poorly understood, it may be linked to a buildup of fluid (cerebrospinal fluid, or CSF) inside the skull and around the brain.

When excess fluid is present inside the skull, it creates pressure on the brain, similar to the way that a brain tumor would, and causes similar symptoms. Some of the symptoms of PTC include the following:

  • Pain in the neck, shoulders, or back
  • Painful headaches behind the eyes that may hurt worse with eye movement
  • Migraines
  • Dim vision or blurry eyesight
  • Temporary episodes of blindness in one or both eyes
  • Tinnitus, or ringing in the ears
  • Dizziness
  • Nausea or vomiting

The only way to accurately diagnose PTC is with a surgical procedure called a lumbar puncture. Commonly called a spinal tap, this procedure involves the insertion of a needle in between two vertebrae in the lower back and into the spinal column. The doctor will take samples of CSF and perform tests to determine the amount and pressure of fluid surrounding the brain and spine. Treatment for PTC may include medication, or the insertion of a surgical device called a shunt that will drain the excess CSF. If PTC is not treated, permanent blindness can result.

Dangerous Drugs and Medical Devices Can Harm Women

Mirena IUD isn’t the only birth control product that’s been linked to harm in women. Other birth control drugs such as Yaz, Yasmin, and Ocella have also been linked to conditions such as gall bladder disease, deep vein thrombosis, pulmonary embolism, kidney disease, heart attacks, strokes, and more.

How to Get Legal Help Today

It’s time to hold the pharmaceutical companies liable for the harm that they cause when they sell dangerous drugs to women. If your health has suffered as a result of the Mirena IUD or another dangerous drug, it’s your legal right to seek financial compensation in a court of law.

Wayne Wright Injury Lawyers has the knowledge and experience help you, and we’re not afraid to face down the big drug companies. We will stand up for your rights and fight to get you the compensation that you deserve. Call us today for a free consultation at 800-237-3334.