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Christmas Brings a Danger of Unsafe Toys to Unsuspecting Children

With the hurly-burly of the holidays approaching, many parents are scrambling to get their kids the hottest toys of the season. However, too many adults assume that if a toy has made it onto a retailer’s shelves, it is safe for a child to play with. The sheer number of toys and games flooding into homes over Christmas poses a serious health risk for children—especially if the toys have been poorly made.

Common Reasons Christmas Toys Pose a Danger to Children

According to recent data from the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC), nine children died as a result of toy-related accidents in 2013, while another 256,700 children were treated in emergency rooms after being injured by a toy. Over three-quarters of accidents occurred in children under fifteen years old, and included injuries such as:

  • Choking and asphyxiation. It’s not just toys with small parts that can pose a choking hazard for children. Plush toys whose clothing, hair, or seams are not properly sewn may come apart and be ingested by smaller children.
  • Burns or blindness. Toys that have chemical reactions, moving parts, or projectiles are a common source of eye and burn injuries. Many toys that include fired foam darts or spinning parts feature children wearing safety equipment on the packaging, even if no protective equipment is included in the box.
  • Head injuries. Nearly any toy can pose a danger of a head injury, but skateboards, wagons, and other small vehicles designed for children are most often at fault. While manufacturers may recommended helmets for these items, they are not always used, posing a serious danger of brain injury even if the product does not malfunction.
  • Sharp objects. Parents should immediately be wary of any toys that have sharp edges or pointed ends, even if they have been rated for older children. Parents may have more than one child at home and the toy could easily fall into the wrong hands, or the older child could be inspired to use the toy in an unsafe way.

What Should You Do If Your Child Is Injured by a Toy?

No family should have its holiday season ruined by a defective or poorly-made toy. Our team of dangerous product lawyers can take on the company that caused your child’s injury, getting you the compensation you deserve and preventing a similar injury from happening to someone else. Click the contact link on this page to find out how we can help you. You will not be charged anything for talking to us, and we do not get paid unless we win your case. Call us today at (210) 888-8888.