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Facing a Deadly Crossroads: The Most Dangerous Intersections in Austin

Intersections typically aren’t strangers to accidents. In fact, the crossing of two roads is often the most dangerous place when driving. When you think about it, it probably makes sense: intersections rely on lights, signs, and responsible drivers to make things work. When one of these crucial components fails, accidents are bound to happen.

Heading to Any of These Intersections?

Although accidents can occur anywhere in Austin, they happen quite frequently at some of the same intersections. Some of the most dangerous intersections include:

  • MoPac Expressway and Scoffield Ridge
  • Lamar and St. Johns
  • Cicero and Madison
  • Congress Avenue and Caesar Chavez
  • Fifth St. and Lavaca
  • Riverside and Willow Creek
  • Koenig and Airport
  • Riverside and Pleasant Valley
  • Cicero and West Chicago

Speeding, poorly placed signs, confusing turn lanes, and intoxicated drivers are some of the most common reasons why accidents occur at these spots. As a result, the Austin Police Department monitors these areas in an effort to prevent accidents and study why they mostly occur.

Before You Pass Through

If you’re planning on crossing these intersections, you’ll want to take a few preventative steps before you do. Along with the typical precautions such as looking both ways before proceeding, here are a few other cautions you may not have been aware of:

  • At intersections in which signs or signals are absent, yield to traffic that is already in the intersection
  • If you arrive at an intersection where the lights have gone out, or if a red flashing light is present, proceed through the intersection as if all directions have stop signs

If You’ve Been Injured

If despite your best efforts you are still the victim of a car accident, the legal team of Wayne Wright wants to help. Contact us today to learn how we have helped many in the Austin area get the compensation they deserved after their accidents. We will come to you, wherever you are and no matter what time of day or night it is. We will do all we can to help you through this difficult time. For immediate assistance, call our office today at 512-710-2616.