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Get the Details About What Happened During the 2010 Toyota Recall

Toyota™ recalls more than 2 million vehicles for sticking accelerator pedal.

Toyota Motor Sales (TMS), U.S.A., Inc, announced on January 21, 2010 that it would recall approximately 2.3 million vehicles to correct sticking accelerator pedals on specific models. This action comes in addition to the on-going recall of approximately 4.2 million Toyota™ and Lexus™ vehicles to reduce the risk of pedal entrapment by incorrect or out of place accessory floor mats. In the end this can affect about 8 million vehicle owners across the US and the rest of the world.

These conditions are SERIOUS. Sudden and uncontrolled acceleration can lead to serious bodily injury OR EVEN DEATH! If you or a loved one has been injured by a suddenly accelerating vehicle, CALL us TODAY!

The models being recalled include:
Toyota Camry — 2007-10 models
Toyota Avalon — 2005-10 models
Toyota Prius — 2004-09 models
Toyota Tacoma — 2005-10 models
Toyota Tundra — 2007-10 models
Lexus ES 350 — 2007-10 models
Lexus IS 250 — 2006-10 models
Lexus IS 350 — 2006-10 models

The U.S. National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) indicates that several fresh reports of fatal crashes and serious injuries have been received since the announcement of Toyota's gas pedal recall. As a significant number of crashes were reported in cases of Toyota vehicles with electronic throttle controls, the NHTSA had conducted investigations to review electronic systems across various Toyota™ models. Toyota Motors™ however denied any evidence linking the electronic throttle system with the incidents.

Early this year though, Toyota™ released a statement that investigations from its end indicate that "there is a possibility that certain accelerator pedal mechanisms may, in rare instances, mechanically stick in a partially depressed position or return slowly to the idle position" and detailed its plans to recall the vehicles.

What Went Wrong?

All Toyota™ models were earlier installed with mechanical throttles, and the company introduced electronic throttles in its vehicles in 2002. Following this switch, several instances of sudden or unintended acceleration, where drivers are unable to stop / bring the vehicles to a halt despite releasing the gas pedal, began to surface. While electronic throttle systems rely on sensors, microprocessors and electronic motors, a mechanical throttle uses a mechanical linkage where the accelerator pedal is connected to the engine throttle plate, physically, through materials such as steel cables. This ensures far greater driving control and safety.

Findings from investigations initiated by the government, in the wake of Toyota's gas pedal recall, indicate a significant problem with the entrapment of accelerators with the floor mats. This could cause the gas pedals to stay depressed, or delay its return to the idle position. With a stuck accelerator pedal, vehicles are prone to losing control and crash, resulting in injuries or death.

Could this have been prevented?

Amazingly, data now available indicates that Toyota Motors™ was aware of these defects over three and a half years ago, and knew that these technical issues could potentially cause unintended sudden acceleration in its vehicles.

This also suggests that Toyota™ had successively discovered information on the defects that were potentially compromising driving safety. Company documents indicate that Toyota™ had learned in 2006, that floor mats in its vehicles may trap accelerator pedals and also that the gas pedals could get stuck when in accelerated mode.

Clearly, Toyota™ could have prevented the death and serious injuries caused to its customers had the company chosen to act fast and chosen people over profits.

How can we help you?

The blatant compromise in safety standards by Toyota™ and the injury, pain, losses and suffering caused to you and your loved ones may leave you grappling with many questions.

To file a lawsuit claiming legal redress from Toyota™, our Toyota Sudden Acceleration Lawyers will assist you with professional and well researched advice. Further, our team of Toyota Sudden Acceleration Lawyers can offer expert legal advice as relevant to varied Toyota™ models that are now being recalled.

Our Toyota Acceleration Recall Lawyers offer you complete legal advice and counsel to help you receive the financial compensation that you are entitled to for your medical expenses, loss in income, pain and suffering. Contact our Toyota Acceleration Recall Lawyers