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Deadliest Holiday of all: The 4th of July

DWI deaths jump between Memorial Day and Labor Day every year.  These 100 days are the deadliest on the calendar.  And the 4th of July is the deadliest of all, especially when it falls on a weekend.

Texas has more drunk driving wrecks than any other state in the nation.  Bexar County has more drunk driving wrecks than almost all other counties in Texas.  It is third on the DWI list.

The San Antonio Chapter of Mothers Against Drunk Driving (MADD) is calling for tougher sentences for drunk drivers.  So is the San Antonio Police Department.  Wayne Wright stands shoulder-to-shoulder with MADD and the SAPD as they try to protect the public from drunk drivers.  For more than 30 years, Wayne Wright has been successfully representing victims of these criminally negligent drivers.

Wayne Wright has no tolerance for negligent drivers who hurt others:

“When I get a drunk driving case, I fight to get the compensation victims deserve.  Drunk-driving wrecks are heartbreakers.  They are preventable.  They kill innocent people.  There is no excuse for drunk driving.  Offenders need to pay.”

Statistics from MADD paint a grim picture of drunk-driving crashes on the 4th of July:

  • Every year, nearly 200 people are killed in drunk driving crashes on the 4th of July.

  • 4th of July DWI deaths increase when the 4th is on a weekend.

  • 2013 drunk driving deaths on the 4th increased 42% compared to the previous 5 years.

When there is a drunk driving crash, regardless of the time of year, Wayne Wright lawyers work diligently to identify all monies DWI victims are owed from all sources, including insurance companies and the Texas Crime Victims’ Compensation Fund, to ensure they receive what they deserve under the law.