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Wayne Wright LLP: Provides Top Notch Help for Fire Victims

Your home or business has been destroyed by fire. What do you do now?

While it may seem counterintuitive to call a lawyer after a fire, it’s one of the best moves you can make.  You need legal counsel whether you haven’t yet filed your insurance claim or it’s already been denied.

Support in the face of devastation.

You will have a staunch ally in Wayne Wright.  A structure fire destroys a home or business in the U.S every 86 minutes, according to FEMA.  Texas is at the top of the list.  Wayne Wright lawyers have extensive experience dealing with these cases, given the number of fires every year.

Fire investigations can be tricky.

Your insurance company’s report about the fire should get a thorough going over by Wayne Wright lawyers.  If the company contends burn patterns show arson was the cause, even though laboratory tests have ruled it out, the report is highly suspect.  But that hasn’t kept some insurance companies from refusing to pay policy holders.  Sad to say, you could even be suspected of arson.  Among many others, these are important reasons why Wayne Wright’s assistance after a fire is so important.

Insurance companies are not always your best friend

Wayne Wright lawyers know all the ins and outs of insurance company denials and the delaying tactics they can use to keep you from receiving what you deserve.  Insurance companies are in the business of making money.  Prolonging the investigation of a fire or offering you a quick, low ball payout, benefits the company’s bottom line while you struggle with unexpected expenses.

Our advice:  Don’t go it alone.

It might take weeks, if not months, to complete a fire investigation while you wait, not knowing when you will get relief.  Insurance companies will not pay a claim until the cause of the fire has been certified.  Your Wayne Wright lawyer can see through tactics they may use to delay certification.

Only pay Wayne Wright when your case is won.

This is another great benefit of retaining Wayne Wright.  Wayne Wright does not bill by the hour.  You only pay us if we recover for you.

Wayne Wright has been selected one of the Top 100 Trial Lawyers in America.

You want a successful law firm on your side.  Wayne Wright’s credentials also include The Litigator Award.  It is only bestowed on lawyers with outstanding records of successfully representing clients.  Less than 1% of the nation’s lawyers ever qualify for this honor.