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Texas Funeral Home Negligence

These are the hall marks of a proper funeral. Mistakes have no place in ceremonies honoring the dead.

Yet too often, all across the country, negligence, irresponsibility and greed on the part of funeral personnel - and occasionally a hospital - turn the final memories of grieving families into horrifying experiences as they lay a loved one to rest.

Texas is no exception.  Families may not know they could be entitled to payments from a funeral home, cemetery or a hospital after enduring such terrible negligence as they grieve for a loved one.

You Can Hold Funeral Operators Accountable

Funeral operators have cremated bodies intended for burial and substituted others in their caskets.  They have mishandled the embalming, leading to grotesque disfigurement of a loved one.  They have buried the wrong bodies in graves, moved bodies two and three times in cemeteries, stolen body parts and sold them to tissue banks and research labs, given families the wrong ashes and dropped bodies from caskets into graves during graveside ceremonies.  Hospitals have used body parts for transplants without a family’s permission.

Types of Funeral Home Negligence

Wayne Wright attorneys have experience and success with cases in which:

  • A body was kept at the wrong temperature, allowing it to decompose so that it had to be cremated, denying the family the chance to view their loved one.
  • A funeral home carelessly received bodies, did not verify the identities of the deceased, presented the wrong bodies to each family and then tried to cover up its negligence.
  • A hospital removed a body’s corneas without notifying the family.
  • An embalmer, who failed the state licensing exam numerous times, had a felony record.
  • A funeral home operator with a criminal history had felony drug and weapon violations.
  • A funeral home’s faulty equipment dumped a body out of a casket into a grave.
  • A funeral home botched an embalming procedure, leaving fluid seeping from the deceased.

Contact A Funeral Home Wrongdoing Attorney

Families enduring these tragedies deserve compensation. To speak with an attorney about you case, contact Wayne Wright LLP for a free consultation. For immediate assistance, call 210-888-8888