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Where to Get Help in Texas for Burn Injury Victims

Winning Compensation for Burn Injuries

Do not settle with an insurance company until you have retained legal representation. As concerned San Antonio personal injury attorneys, we want you to avoid waiving your right to demand fair compensation for your injuries. Your first call should be the to the attorneys in our Austin, Corpus Christi, El Paso, Houston and San Antonio offices to discuss your claim.

Household Fire Injuries and Damages

House fires may be the result of arson, faulty wiring or gas leaks. They can cause extensive property damage, permanent physical scarring and in some cases, long-term disabilities including brain injury and/or spinal cord injury. Do not settle with your homeowner’s insurance until you have secured legal representation. Each experienced burn injury attorney at Wayne Wright LLP will represent your case and seek compensation for injuries and damage.

Representation for Industrial Accident Victims

Industrial fires may be complicated by other factors or may also involve a large number of victims. If this occurs, your case may not be compensated justly. Insurance companies may settle quickly to avoid paying out fair compensation to a large number of people. Contact our experienced San Antonio industrial accident attorneys to discuss your claim and get advice about compensation.

Legal Representation for Victims of Gas Explosions

Gas explosions can occur in your home, at a work site, or during the construction of your home. They can be the result of:

  • Improper digging by a contractor
  • Poor appliance installation
  • Insufficient line maintenance by the gas and electric company

Contact the law firm of Wayne Wright LLP today for your free legal consultation about your injury, damages or losses.

Wayne Wright Fights for Burn Injury Victims

Our attorneys will advise you about your case free of charge. Contact the attorneys of Wayne Wright LLP about your claim