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Three Ways Tires Can Be the Cause of a Truck Crash

When a large truck’s tire blows, it can be very difficult for the driver to maintain control over the vehicle. This puts all other motorists on the road at risk of an accident. Collisions may occur directly with the out-of-control truck, or with the significant debris that often litters the roadway after a tire blowout. Unfortunately, there are several different potential causes for tire blowouts in large trucks.

Three Common Causes of Tire Failures Leading to Truck Accidents

If the tires are defective, they may be more likely to fail.

Tires can be defective either in their design or in the manufacturing process. If a tire company sells a trucking company or truck driver a defective tire, the vendor may be liable to the injured victims involved in the resulting accident. Victims may have an even stronger case against the tire company when the tire was recalled by the U.S. Department of Transportation. If a tire has been recalled, this is evidence that the tire was dangerous.

The driver or trucking company may fail to properly maintain the tires.

Trucking companies have an obligation to properly maintain the tires on their vehicles. When these obligations are not met, the risk is higher that a truck will be traveling around on tires that are prone to failure. Proper maintenance helps to ensure that a tire does not explode while a driver is operating the vehicle.

The driver may fail to perform proper pre-trip inspections of the tires.

Similarly, truck drivers are obligated to inspect their vehicles prior to setting out on the road. Unfortunately, some drivers do not fully satisfy these requirements and miss obvious tire defects as a result. This can lead to tire failure, which can then lead to a crash.

Don’t Be Victimized Twice

If you were hurt in an accident caused by an unsafe tire, you should stand up for your rights to a fair recovery. No matter what the cause of a tire failure that led to a truck accident, it is important to seek legal assistance from an experienced professional if you were injured in a crash. We are here to help, and we even will come to you. Contact us toll free at (800) 237-3334 today for assistance.