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Filing a Civil Lawsuit in Texas

filing a lawsuit in texas

Our law firm offers clients an experienced litigation team of attorneys to represent them in civil cases. Though civil lawsuits are different from criminal lawsuits, representation by a knowledgeable team of attorneys is still an important factor in the success of a claim.

Retaining a skilled attorney is important to obtaining financial compensation. Contact the attorneys at our Wayne Wright LLP Austin, Corpus Christi, El Paso, Houston and San Antonio offices if you are considering civil litigation. We provide outstanding legal representation in a variety of legal practice areas.

Civil vs. Criminal Texas Lawsuits

A civil lawsuit addresses who is responsible for damages or injuries, determines who is guilty or at fault, and decides just compensation for the victim. A criminal lawsuit is filed by a government against an individual for the alleged violation of criminal law. The aim of a criminal lawsuit is to determine guilt or innocence and to determine punishment. A criminal lawsuit does not generally award compensation for damages.

Success in Civil Lawsuits

Wayne Wright LLP provides clients throughout Texas with representation by a professional team of civil litigation attorneys. Our attorneys will provide valuable aid in the resolution of your civil claim. Experienced attorneys offer objective representation. Knowledgeable attorneys bring years of education, experience and familiarity with court procedures. Qualified attorneys follow the court’s rules and pay attention to details in every aspect of the claim. The lawyers at Wayne Wright LLP are experienced, knowledgeable and qualified. They will assist you in recovering compensation for damages or injuries you have suffered. Contact Wayne Wright LLP with your questions or to ask about a consultation. For immediate assistance call 800-237-3334.

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