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Did an Auto Accident Leave Your Head Spinning? Get Justice!

Wayne Wright LLP Demands Justice for You

Once we receive the insurance company’s top or final offer, we will contact you with your different options. The “top offer” from the insurance company represents the negotiated amount they are willing to pay to settle your claim. This means that the insurance company will not pay any more money unless we file a lawsuit.

The insurance company may:

  • Make a reasonable offer
  • Make an unreasonable offer
  • Deny your claim

Wayne Wright LLP Fights For Your Rights

It is the responsibility of Wayne Wright LLP’s personal injury attorneys to recover the maximum amount for you. In some cases that means we will contact the hospital or doctors to negotiate their charges on your behalf. We may also do this with Medicare and other lien holders.

Advice ~ We advise you of your rights and your options to get a maximum recovery for your injury. We evaluate the insurance company’s response and determine if their offer is reasonable, or if it is unreasonable and we should pursue it further.

If the insurance company denies your claim, we will review your case for a lawsuit. At Wayne Wright LLP, our experienced team of San Antonio car accident litigators is ready to fight for you against the big insurance companies. However, litigation is a costly endeavor, which we will only pursue in your best interest.

If we determine that you are not entitled to a recovery, we will release your case with no charge for attorney fees and expenses. Medical expenses are always your responsibility. We review case facts very carefully and based on our experience can usually tell if there will be a recovery.

Contact Our San Antonio Auto Accident Office Today

If you were hurt in an auto accident in Texas, contact our office or call us today at 800-237-3334 to discuss the details of your case. We’ll help you get the care you need while navigating the complexities of your settlement.

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