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Our Injury Lawyers Care for Our Clients and Our Community

Outstanding service is the hallmark of Wayne Wright LLP. Wayne Wright believes in justice for everyone, regardless of race, creed or social status.

The Wayne Wright law firm supports community groups guided by that principle. Attacks against that principle have been regularly exposed on Wyatt Wright's public service radio show.

Wayne Wright LLP supports non-profit groups that are guided by that principle.

San Antonio Spurs
The People's Law School
Mothers Against Drunk Driving, South Texas Affiliate
The Community Justice Program
Rey Feo Consejo Educational Foundation
The George Strait Team Roping Classic
Paralyzed Veterans of America, Texas Chapter
The San Antonio Public Library Foundation
Operation Comfort
Texas Public Radio
Project MEND
The Wayne Wright Charitable Smoke Alarm Program
KIN speakers Bureau


United Way of San Antonio

The United Way of San Antonio honored the Wayne Wright Law firm in a big way this year! The firm was nominated for a top award in the Small Business Category for its philanthropic contributions to the community in 2012. The nomination recognized the firm for its free legal services to the poor, free smoke alarms for low-income families, contributions to the military, low-income children and homeless families. The firm was also honored for its mission: Justice and respect for people from all walks of life!


Mothers Against Drunk Driving, South Texas Affiliate

MADD south texas

Wayne Wright LLP is a proud sponsor of the 2013 Walk Like MADD San Antonio Heroes Zone. The zone honors law enforcement agencies for their heroism in the fight to protect our community from impaired drivers. Founded by a mother who lost her daughter in a crash, Mothers Against Drunk Driving® (MADD) is the nation's largest nonprofit working to protect families from impaired driving and underage drinking. With the help of those who want a safer future, MADD's Campaign to Eliminate Drunk Driving® will end this danger on America's roads. In addition, Power of Parents, It's Your Influence® offers research-proven strategies to help parents keep their children safe from the dangers of underage drinking. One of the largest victim services organizations in the U.S., MADD also supports drunk or drugged driving victims and survivors — serving one person every 8 minutes — at no charge. 


Rey FeoRey Feo Scholarship logo

Rey Feo's devotion to the youth of San Antonio, through its contributions to a scholarship fund for underprivileged youth, secures a brighter future for low-income San Antonio high school students. In partnership with LULAC's Rey Feo Scholarship Inc., it awards scholarships to deserving high school seniors and students enrolled in a four-year college. The scholarships are renewable to help ensure that recipients earn an undergraduate degree. Wayne Wright LLP is a proud contributor to the Rey Feo Scholarship program. Link to the Rey Feo Consejo Educational Foundation here.


Texas Chapter Paralyzed Veterans of America

Texas Chapter Paralyzed Veterans of America logo

In recognition of their military service to the United States of America, Wayne Wright LLP is honored to support the Texas Chapter Paralyzed Veterans of America (TPVA). Since 1964, its parent organization, Paralyzed Veterans of America (PVA) has been serving the needs of paralyzed veterans. PVA is a congressionally chartered veterans' service organization. TPVA has satellite offices in San Antonio and Corpus Christi. Its volunteers strive to help disabled veterans live independently in the community. TPVA's patient services make disabled veterans aware of resources and possibilities that will increase their independence. TPVA's peer counseling and information services inform veterans about nursing care, subsidized housing, medical supplies, recreational opportunities, transportation, rehabilitative services, VA benefits and financial assistance. Link to Texas Chapter Paralyzed Veterans of America here.


Operation Comfort

Operation Comfort logo

Operation Comfort's care and assistance to America's wounded warriors is an inspiration to the entire community. Located in San Antonio, it provides rehabilitative, recreational programs and financial assistance to those who answered the call of duty as they heal from a range of injuries at Brooke Army Medical Center (BAMC) and Audie Murphy VA Hospital in The Alamo City. Operation Comfort's recreational programs include sled hockey, hand cycling, amputee surfing, softball, competitive swimming, adaptive sports camps and therapeutic, rehabilitative trips. Automotivation is a unique Operation Comfort program that teaches veterans to work on cars. They learn a new craft and benefit from tasks that hone their fine and gross motors skills. Operation Comfort's financial program provides assistance to Wounded Service Members and their families when they arrive at BAMC for treatment and also when they transition out of the military. Wayne Wright LLP is proud to support Operation Comfort as it works to improve the quality of life for these heroes. Link to Operation Comfort here.


Project MEND

Project MEND logo

In line with Wayne Wright's belief in equal opportunity for all, Wayne Wright LLP is proud to support Project MEND– an agency that believes mobility and independence are basic and necessary human rights. It is the only agency in Texas that upholds that belief with services to low income people with disabilities. Project MEND provides refurbished wheelchairs and other medical equipment and assistive technologies to people with disabilities without the means to obtain them. It provides assistance to TPVA and Operation Comfort for veterans with disabilities. Its outreach is available to anyone living in dependent, isolated circumstances. Link to Project MEND here.


Wayne Wright Charitable Smoke Alarm Program

smoke alarm charity campaign logoTo save thousands of South Texas families from the horror of a house fire, this Wayne Wright program has donated more than 50,000 free smoke alarms to low income families in San Antonio and southwest Texas cities and towns since 2006. Wayne’s determination to protect them from these deadly fires is based on frightening facts: FEMA says in less than 30 seconds house fires can rage out of control and turn into killer blazes. Since most residential fires occur at night when families are asleep, it’s crucial for homes to have fire alarms.


Wayne Wright began the program so families in need of smoke alarms can get them for free from local fire departments that will also install them at no cost. Wayne Wright is proud to have saved Texas families from loss of life in house fires since 2006 when he began this program in honor of a friend, Senator Frank Madla, who died in a house fire that year.


The George Strait Team Roping Classic

George Strait Team Roping Classic ad

Wayne Wright LLP is a proud sponsor of the George Strait Team Roping Classic. The competition celebrates the history of the Old West, highlighting a skill that cowboys use on working ranches today. It attracts nearly 600 Team Ropers from the United States and Canada. Teams compete during the first day for the best scores. Winners compete on the second day for prizes in three "go-rounds." The winner of the Wayne Wright Red Wrap Steer Challenge receives a special prize from Wayne Wright LLP. Link to the George Strait Team Roping Classichere.

George Strait Team Roping Classic


The Community Justice Program

Community Justice Program ("CJP") logo

The Community Justice Program ("CJP") provides free neighborhood-based legal services to people who otherwise might not be able to afford them. Wayne Wright LLP is proud to participate with other members of the legal community in this free program to ensure that equal justice is available to all. Wayne Wright lawyers participate in the program every year without charge to ensure that "the courthouse door is open" to all Texans, no matter their level of income. 


The People's Law School

San Antonio Bar Foundation logo

This annual public service program provides free legal advice to members of the community from attorneys who donate their time to discuss important legal issues with members of the general public in a classroom setting. Lawyers from Wayne Wright LLP participate every year to help those who may not have the means to retain a lawyer or need help understanding laws that affect them personally. It is jointly sponsored by the San Antonio Bar Foundation and St. Mary's University School of Law. While topics can change from year to year, they cover a range of issues such as wills, family law, bankruptcy, defending against the IRS, employment law, managing money, enforcing visitation rights, immigration law, Social Security disability, Social Security, guardianship and auto accidents. Link to this program through the San Antonio Bar Association here.


The San Antonio Public Library Foundation

SAPLF Born to Read Program logo

Wayne Wright is a proud sponsor of the SAPLF's Born to Read program. While San Antonio is the 7th largest city in the United States, it has a 25% illiteracy rate. To reduce that rate, this program encourages parents to read to their newborns and young children. Children who lack "basic language skills" when they start kindergarten are "four times more likely" to drop out of school. Parents of newborns are given free packets of books and other materials upon leaving the hospital. Free classes, printed materials and videos are also available for children of all ages at libraries across the city. 

Texas Public RadioTexas Public Radio logo

For more than 20 years Texas Public Radio has been a leading non-commercial source of high quality, international programming from National Public Radio (NPR) benefitting regional audiences. it also features programming that focuses on important local and regional issues in South Texas. It is funded entirely by sponsors and listeners on behalf of a wide range of non-profit organizations serving the diverse communities of South Texas. Link to Texas Public Radio here.


Crimestoppers logo

Wayne Wright supports Crimestoppers with cash awards to track down and arrest criminals who prey on the community, taking the lives of law enforcement officers sworn to protect the public and maintain the peace.

Kin Speaker Series


This comprehensive after school program provided enrichment activities and supervision for elementary and middle school students to improve their attitudes, grades and behavior help them grow up to be contributing members of the community.

Open Voices

In partnership with the City of San Antonio Office of Cultural Affairs and the Texas Commission on the Arts, Wayne Wright was a proud sponsor of "Open Voices," a program that supported writings by residents of the Battered Women's Shelter of Bexar County in association with Gemini Ink's Writers in Communities Program.