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Keppra Generic Mass Tort: Everything You Need to Know

San Antonio Generic Keppra Lawsuit Attorney

If you or a loved one has experienced side effects or breakthrough seizures, following the use of Levetiracetam, the generic version of Keppra, you have a right to claim compensation from Mylan Pharmaceuticals for your loss and suffering. Please CALL TODAY to speak to an experienced dangerous prescription drug lawyer to seek assistance on your rights to claim compensation for the treatment and medical costs, loss of productivity, lost social opportunities and emotional difficulties. Our San Antonio lawyers will offer a case review and legal counsel over a free consultation.

What is Levetiracetam?

Levetiracetam is the generic version of the anti-convulsant drug Keppra, which is used in the treatment of simple and complex partial seizures, migraines, autism, social anxiety and neuropathic pain. This generic version drug was approved by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) in November 2008 and has been marketed and distributed by its manufacturer, Mylan Pharmaceuticals since 2009.

Recently, reports have emerged on the recurrence of seizures in patients using Levetiracetam, while they had been completely seizure-free for years, when using the branded drug Keppra. The drug has been linked to side effects such as increased seizures, migraines and light-headedness, which patients had otherwise not experienced when using Keppra. Aside from the reports on injuries, one instance of death has also been recorded, where a patient died following a seizure attack, after switching from the name brand drug, Keppra to the generic version.

Given the serious nature of the side effects, affected patients risk losing significant social and economic opportunities, resulting from loss of driving privileges, inability to attend school, or work and engage in social activities. Recent case studies indicate that the side effects had worsened in almost half of the patients who switched from the brand name drug to the generic version medication. Additionally a sharp increase was also noted in the number of patients who experienced breakthrough seizures shortly after switching to the generic version. Breakthrough seizures are known to be particularly dangerous, and especially when they occur in situations such as driving or while walking down stairs.

FDA perspective on generic versions

According to the FDA, generic version drugs can be used with complete confidence as they are as safe and effective as the name brand drug. Additionally, the FDA tests and compares these generic versions to the branded medications. The FDA also reviews the test findings to determine if the generic versions are equivalent to the branded drug and accordingly assigns the generic medication a rating. An AB rating indicates that FDA has found the generic medication to be the bio-equivalent to the name brand drug. However, it is to be noted that generic medications are allowed some differences in inactive ingredients – such as filler or dyes, and these constituents may potentially expose patients to specific allergies and sensitivities.

As a generic version, Levetiracetam is supposed to work like the bio-equivalent of the name brand drug, Keppra, that it has been designed to imitate, however in this instance, the vast differences in side effects are appalling. It is disappointing to note that the generic version of Keppra can undo years of mental and physical recovery, improved health and well being. Further, it is distressing to observe that most patients had their medications switched from name brand drugs to generic versions, by their pharmacists, without seeking their express consent and approval.

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