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The Shocking Truth: Many Nursing Home Employees Have Criminal Records

Would you leave your loved one in the care of a person with a criminal record? If he or she is in a nursing home, there’s a good chance you already have. Believe it or not, nursing home staff members often have undesirable backgrounds, which means you could be leaving a person you care about in the hands of a criminal.

Was Your Loved One’s Wrongful Death Caused by a Former Criminal?

Nursing home staff often blames medical conditions for the cause of residents’ deaths—but are they caused by something more? By taking a look into the past of these so-called medical professionals, you might want to think again before you trust that your loved one’s death was natural. Here are a few facts about nursing homes and employees with criminal backgrounds:

  • Most nursing homes employ criminals. According to an investigative report conducted by CBS News, over 90 percent of Criminal Record File Foldernursing homes hire people with criminal convictions. In the report, it was revealed that the government ran background checks on all employees who worked at 260 homes across the nation, and found that 92 percent employed at least one person with a criminal background. Nearly half of the nursing homes had five or more employees with criminal pasts.
  • Employees often have violent pasts. The same report revealed that the criminals often had convictions that contained violent charges. Some even had sexual offenses, and others were convicted for writing bad checks and burglary. Such charges are quite concerning, as nursing home residents are often targeted for sexual, physical, and financial abuse.

You Can Take Action

Don’t trust that your loved one’s death was natural. Unfortunately, the chances are high that he or she died because of a nursing home employee’s negligence or abuse. The attorneys at Wayne Wright LLP can help you determine if you have a case. Schedule your free case evaluation by calling 800-237-3334 and start holding those responsible for your loved one’s death accountable.