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Top Reasons People Are Wrongfully Terminated in Texas

You might not have loved your job as much as you would have liked, but you showed up every day and performed your job to the best of your abilities. Suddenly, your boss fired you. The reason he gave did not sit right with you. Were you wrongfully terminated? And if so, do you have a case?

Common Reasons for Wrongful Termination in Texas

In Texas, wrongful terminations happen all the time. Employers let people go for reasons that are unlawful. Anytime you get fired, your future is shaky. When it’s for an illegal reason, you are rightfully upset.

Here are some of the common unlawful reasons that employers fire employees.

  • Insisting on your legal right to fair pay. You weren’t paid for the work you performed, or the pay you received was less than the minimum wage. After being denied the payment you’ve already earned, you file a wage and hour claim. If your employer fires you for filing this claim, you could have a bigger case against him.
  • Taking time off work for jury duty or to vote. By law, your employer must give you time off work for jury duty or to vote. You cannot be held responsible for needing time away from the office to perform your civic duty.
  • Serving in the military. Serving in the military is honorable. Unfortunately, some employers fail to see the bigger picture and fire employees for missing work to serve in the military. This is illegal.
  • Blowing the whistle on wrongdoing or behavior harmful to the public. In some situations, the public has a right to know about wrongdoings by the company. For example, if you know that your boss is doing something illegal, you have the right (and maybe an obligation) to notify the proper authorities. Firing you as a result of making people aware of your boss’s wrongdoings is unlawful.
  • Discrimination of sex, race, age, religion, or national origin. Any kind of discrimination is illegal and must not be tolerated. If you are fired because of your sex, race, age, religion, or national origin, you have a case against your former employer.

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