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Safe Driving Saves YOU

Some of the most deadly accidents have a common cause: Bad drivers! Do your best to avoid them if you spot one. Don’t be one of them. Better your life than theirs.safe driving practices

Left lane hogs: Beware the self-righteous driver hogging the passing lane. Most states have laws against that. Left lane hogs ignore those laws and tempt others into risky driving to get around them.

Hazard light abusers: These drivers flash their hazard lights to scare tailgaters. Or, slam on their brakes to scare them. Either can cause a chain reaction crash. Some tailgaters may be able to swerve out of the way but that endangers drivers in adjacent lanes.

Right siders: The right side of a truck is called the “suicide” for a good reason. Drivers who regularly pass them on the right could end up squeezed into a guard rail or knocked off the road when the truck turns right. Never pass on the right side.

Dim bulbs: These drivers don’t use headlights in bad weather. It’s hard to see them in rain, snow or sleet. Headlights should be on even if it’s noon. Visibility is the difference between getting home and getting in an accident.

Magic drivers: These drivers expect you to know where they are going. They don’t use their turn signals or forget to turn them off, leaving others to wonder what they will do next.

Speeders: They put the pedal to the metal anywhere - country roads, freeways, city streets. Get out of their way. They’ll get the tickets they deserve sooner or later.

Tailgaters: These drivers can ride an inch or so off your back bumper to scare you out of the way. Move over as soon as you can. They’ll be in an accident long before safe drivers will.

Drunk drivers:  They weave between lanes, swerve without warning, drive the wrong way. Fortunately for safe drivers, most drunks drive late in the evening or the middle of the night.

Distracted drivers:  They don’t maintain their speed or wander around on the road, talking on the phone, texting, reading, putting on makeup.  Live another day. Get out of their way.

driving under the influence of alcohol