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How to Recover From Facial or Dental Injuries After a Car Accident

Many people tend to think that injuries in a car accident may be a bump to the head, cuts or scratches, and maybe a broken limb. The truth is that some of the worst and most damaging injuries sustained in a crash are often those to the face, jaw, and even teeth. Facial and dental injuries are often serious, painful, can take a long time to heal, and may causeFacial and Dental Work Being Done After a Serious Accident permanent scarring or disfigurement.

Here’s the truth about facial and dental injuries in a car accident, including how they happen, how they’re treated, how you can recover from the expense of your injuries, and how an attorney can help you.

Common Types of Facial Injuries in a Car Accident

Head injuries are extremely common in car accidents. Even if you’re wearing your seatbelt, a collision at a relatively slow speed can cause your head to whip forward or to the side, striking the steering wheel or window. Airbags, while they do save lives, can also cause serious facial injuries from the sheer force of deployment. Some of the most frequent head and facial injuries that happen in car wrecks include:

  • Tooth injuries and lost teeth. The force of an impact can crack, fracture, or even break off teeth or part of a tooth entirely. Teeth may also be luxated, in which they are dislocated from their usual position in the jaw but don’t fall out. A tooth avulsion happens when the tooth is entirely knocked out of the socket.
  • Broken facial bones. A dislocated or broken lower jaw (mandible) is a very common injury from a facial impact. Maxillary fractures of the upper jaw are also common, as are fractures of the nasal bones. Orbital fractures, when the bones around the eye break, are frequent, as well.
  • Injuries to the eyes. Injuries to the eyes themselves can happen easily in a car accident, running the risk of permanently reduced vision or even blindness from debris or objects scratching or penetrating the globe of the eye. The impact force of a crash can also lead to retinal detachment.
  • Cuts and lacerations. Broken glass and other debris from the crash can cause deep cuts on the face, leading to scarring and disfigurement.

Treatment for any facial or dental wound depends on the exact nature and severity of the trauma. Sometimes, permanent nerve damage occurs as well, which is a life-long injury.

Many serious facial and dental injuries will call for surgical reconstruction, which can be a long and painful process of repeated surgeries. The services of a cosmetic surgeon may also be required to reduce the amount of scarring and disfigurement. Dental injuries can require extensive work to repair or replace injured or broken teeth with crowns or custom dental appliances, including dentures, crowns, bridges, implants, or any combination of these.

Financial Recovery From Facial Injuries After an Accident

If the person responsible for the accident had insurance, then an insurance claim is likely your first step to recovering from the expenses of the crash. You may attempt to negotiate this on your own, or you may enlist the services of a personal injury attorney. An attorney can help you with the claims process from start to finish by protecting your legal right to receive the full value of your injuries.

If the insurance company doesn’t offer the full value of your claim or tries to deny your claim outright, a personal injury lawsuit may be necessary. Having an attorney on your side who already is familiar with the details of your case can help you save time and money and may speed up the process so that you can get the compensation you’re owed in a court of law.

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