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We’re Proud to Donate Smoke Detectors to San Antonio Families in Need

After several fatal home fires in San Antonio, Texas, the community learned that most of these tragic deaths could have been prevented, had the homes been protected by an operable smoke alarm such a simple solution.

Wayne Wright decided that not only could something be done to prevent these fatalities, something would be done, by us. “Smoke Alarms in Every Home,” a Wayne Wright Charitable Campaign was born in December 2006, when Wayne Wright LLP donated 26,000 smoke alarms to the community of San Antonio, Texas. To ensure that the smoke alarms would be properly installed, Wayne Wright LLP formed a cooperative partnership with the San Antonio Fire Department.

The mission continues as we form partnerships with other communities and fire departments, donating smoke alarms to be installed free of charge.

The Wayne Wright Charitable Smoke Alarm Program

Reaching Out to Communities in Need

wayne wright smoke alarm charity logoWe are proud to donate smoke alarms to the cities in which we work and the communities surrounding our office locations. Our plan is to expand the charitable campaign “Smoke Alarms in Every Home” by providing free smoke alarms to many additional areas.

If you live in San Antonio, Austin, Corpus Christi, El Paso or Houston, Texas (including surrounding communities), and wish to inquire about the installation of free smoke alarm(s) in your home, please contact your local Wayne Wright LLP law office.


The importance of this campaign cannot be overstated. We will continue providing these smoke alarms to families as long as we can. We hope that this is just the beginning of something much bigger – the ambitious goal to see that there will never again be a home in our community without one.” – Wayne Wright

“Hector the Smoke Detector,” a friendly, life-size character makes personal appearances to help educate children and adults about fire safely.

Did You Know:

  • Once a house fire starts, you have less than 5 minutes to get to safety.
  • Most deaths related to home fires occur during the night when people are sleeping.
  • Chances of surviving a house fire DOUBLE with working smoke detectors in the home.
Wayne Wright Lawyers Charitable Campaign
First Recipient of Free Smoke Alarm through
“Smoke Alarm in Every Home”,
a Wayne Wright Lawyers Charitable Campaign
Smoke Alarm community Outreach
Smoke Alarm community Outreach
The Wayne Wright Charitable Smoke Alarm Program Fire Truck