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Takata Airbags Continue to Cause Injuries and Death as Drivers Aren’t Adhering to Recall

Loss of hearing and eyesight, broken teeth, and neck lacerations are just a few of the injuries that Takata airbags have caused since November 2014 when concerns surfaced about the Japanese automaker’s safety device. Armed with inflators that can explode with too much force, these dangerous airbags are responsible for eight deaths and 98 injuries in the United States. Although some drivers have complied with the recall and have had the affected airbag inflators repaired or replaced, millions of others have not, putting them at risk for grave injuries and death.

Why Are the Airbags So Dangerous?

The problem with the airbags lies in the chemical used to create the explosions that cause the air bags to open. Ammonium nitrate, used in airbag inflators to start the inflation process, can deteriorate over time, especially when exposed to moist air, such as high-humidity climates along the Gulf Coast of Texas. The result is a violent explosion of metal inflators that shoot shrapnel at drivers and passengers.

Recall Techniques Aren’t Effective

Approximately 23.4 million Takata driver and passenger air bags have been recalled on 19.2 million U.S. vehicles made by 12 car and truck manufacturers. In October 2015, only 22.5 percent of the inflators had been repaired nationwide. 

The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration believes more should be done to alert drivers to the deadly air bags and may take over management of the recalls in order to speed up the repairs. Proposed solutions include allowing outside repair shops to perform the work and hiring a person to oversee the recalls and deal directly with the manufacturers.

Did a Failed Takata Airbag Cause You Harm?

Texas drivers are prone to experiencing problems with their airbags due to the region’s levels of high humidity. If you’ve been injured by an airbag or were involved in an auto collision, the attorneys of Wayne Wright want to help. Contact us today to find out if you can receive compensation for your injuries, vehicle damage, and time lost from work. Speak to a legal professional about your situation by calling 800-237-3334 and find out how we may be able to help.