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What to Do If You Are Scammed by a Business

The term Consumer Disputes is a catch-all phrase we use to encompass broad areas of the law involving any dispute our client may have against a retailer, a manufacturer, a wholesaler, or any company selling a product or a service. When you hire Wayne Wright LLP to pursue your claim, you are getting competent and aggressive legal representation in this rather complicated area of the law. There are a number of state and federal laws and regulations that protect consumers. For example, a few of the federal statutes are: The Fair Credit Reporting Act; Truth in Lending Act, Fair Debt Collection Act; Consumer Credit Protection Act; and the Identity Theft and Assumption Deterrence Act. There are also several state and federal agencies that attempt to protect consumers, e.g., the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) and state Offices of Attorneys General. Here are some of the typical Consumer Disputes that we handle:

Texas DTPA Claims

In the state of Texas consumers are protected by the Deceptive Trade Protection Act. This law protects you, the client, from unfair business practices. Under this law, you have a cause of action against a company for many reasons, as follows: ifthey seriously misrepresent their product or service or mislead you to purchase their product or service; if they commit fraud, or misappropriate your money, or commit any of many other offenses. Talk to a lawyer at Wayne Wright LLP to see if you have a claim. We always take each case on a contingency fee basis, which means that you pay nothing unless and until we get a monetary recovery for you. Then our legal fee is based on a percentage of the recovery.

Stockbroker Misconduct

On occasion, and more often than you think, a stockbroker may misrepresent products or services. You have the right to bring an arbitration action to attempt recovery for any damage caused by your stockbroker's misconduct, including: misrepresentation, fraud, misappropriation of your money; excessive trading to earn more commissions; and making inappropriate investments on your account. In the past several years we have seen a tremendous increase in stockbroker misconduct claims. More than 1 trillion dollars of losses have occurred in the securities markets in just the last several months and much of these investor losses are the result of stockbroker, investment broker, investment banker, or other securities advisor’s misconduct. Our lawyers aggressively investigate most fact situations that result in our clients’ loss of money in securities investments. If you have lost money in the stock market, call our consumer lawyers at Wayne Wright LLP to investigate your potential claim. All initial investigations are free. Wayne Wright LLP accepts Stockbroker Misconduct cases all across the United States and its territories in jurisdictions where we are licensed to practice law.

Deceptive Insurance Product Sales

Unfortunately, some insurance companies and insurance brokers make a habit of misrepresenting their products and services. At Wayne Wright LLP we aggressively pursue any insurance company or brokers who abuse our clients. Let us evaluate your claim.

Loan Scams

The world is full of loan scams. Every week we hear about a new scam designed to steal money from our clients. Sometimes these loan scams take the form of purchases of consumer goods like automobiles. The best advice we can give is to avoid purchasing an automobile from any high-pressure salesman. But if you get stuck with a lemon, or a loan that violated the maximum interest rate allowed by law, we might be able to help you.

Wrongful Foreclosure

In these times of increasing home foreclosures we have seen a greater number of lender abuses. Texas law is not considered favorable to consumers when it comes to foreclosure actions of a lender. However, there are many little known protections available to consumers. If you are facing foreclosure, let us investigate to determine if your lender is playing fair.

Other Consumer Abuses

There are several other areas of consumer abuse that our lawyers will investigate for you.

Some of these are:

  • identity theft problems
  • bad checks
  • fraudulent business sales
  • credit abuse
  • fair trade abuse
  • warranty claims
  • predatory lending practices
  • new home construction disputes
  • misrepresentation by residential home salespeople
  • breach of contracts
  • fraudulent internet sales
  • fraudulent telephone sales
  • any fact situation where representation is part of the claim

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If you think you have been a victim of financial fraud or scammed by a business, contact a Texas financial lawyer to help get your money back. Wayne Wright LLP can guide you through this stressful time and ensure your are treated fairly. For immediate assistance, call 210-888-8888.