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Protect Your Case: Five Things to Do Immediately After a Car Crash in Austin

You’re driving on RM 2222 when suddenly a car pulls out in front of you. With nowhere to turn, you collide with the vehicle, leaving you badly hurt. You check your passengers to make sure everyone is okay, but then what?

What you do immediately after a car accident has a direct impact on your claim and on your future. If you say or do the wrong thing, you could be forced to pay financially for someone else’s mistake.

Five Ways to Protect Yourself After a Car Crash in Austin

No matter whether the other driver admitted fault or not, you need to protect yourself. The other driver is not the one responsible for paying your settlement; his insurance company decides who is at fault and how much you receive.

To stay protected against tricks and tactics that the insurance company uses to pay you less, follow these five steps after a crash:

  • Call the police. You might not think the accident is bad enough to report. You might not think your injuries need immediate medical care. Still, it is important that you call the police to have a report filed and medical professionals evaluate you and your passengers. You will find out later that the police report plays an important role in your settlement.
  • Gather evidence. Car accident claims are not open and shut. They require evidence to support your side of the story and show what happened in the crash. Take pictures, note the weather, get the names and phone numbers of any witnesses, and gather any other pieces of evidence you can to support your case.
  • See the doctor. Injuries from car accidents often hide themselves for a few days. This is because your adrenaline is rushing so fast and furiously that you often cannot feel when you are hurt for a few days, weeks, or months. Some injuries—such as traumatic brain injuries—are especially difficult to detect. Seeing a doctor as soon after your accident as possible is important to uncover those hidden injuries and start getting treatment as soon as possible.
  • Be choosy about whom you speak to. What you say will be held against you after a car accident. Be choosy about whom you talk to after the crash. What might seem like an innocent statement could come back to haunt you. Answer the police officer’s questions to the best of your ability but don’t be afraid to admit if you’re not sure about the answer to a question. It’s better to say you don’t know than to make something up and then realize you were wrong later on in your case.
  • Contact a lawyer. You might not be the type of person who ever imagined needing a lawyer, but after a serious car accident, it’s wise to put a professional on your side. There are many laws that impact your settlement. Without a skilled lawyer working on your behalf, you could leave quite a bit of money on the table. Contact a car accident lawyer in Austin as soon after your collision as possible.

Our Texas Auto Accident Attorneys Can Help

At Wayne Wright LLP, we know how overwhelming car crashes can be. With help from one of our team members, you can get the answers you’re looking for and the representation you need. Contact our law office today to schedule a free cae evaluation, or for immediate assistance, call 800-237-3334.

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