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What Our Clients Can Expect From Our Injury Lawyers

Communication is Key

When you call our office and request to speak with your Austin, Corpus Christi or San Antonio injury attorney or case manager, your call will be transferred to that person. For ultimate efficiency, all communication will be documented in your electronic case file. If your staff member is not available, we ask that you leave a detailed voice message. At Wayne Wright, we return all client phone calls the same business day. If your case manager or attorney is not available that day, another team member will return your call. Our attorneys conduct periodic file reviews and everyone assigned to your case will be able to provide you with status and take any information you need to give to us.

Let Us Do the Work

In general, the case manager, under the direction of your assigned attorney, is responsible for gathering medical records and preparing your case for the attorney. As your case progresses, you may have more contact with your case manager as your attorney is handling behind the scenes file reviews. As your case draws closer to a hearing and/or to settlement negotiations, you often have more involvement with your assigned attorney.

Each client deserves the same high standard of service, so our case inventories are monitored to make sure that each staff member is assigned the appropriate number of cases. We may reassign your case to a different case manager or attorney, to assure the highest level of client service.

Every aspect of your case is well documented in your electronic case file. This benefits clients in that if a member of your Wayne Wright legal team goes on vacation, or is out of the office, another team member can step in and the case will continue to progress.

At the hearing or settlement negotiation, we may assign a different attorney to represent you because that attorney has more experience with circumstances such as yours or with the adjuster, or judge or opposing counsel. At Wayne Wright, we intend to win your case.

A Powerful Team

When you hire Wayne Wright, you hire an entire law firm and have the full strength of our knowledgeable team to help win your case. Although various staff members throughout our organization may have access to your case, your personal and case-related information is kept highly confidential. You will be asked to identify yourself when you contact our office. We will take a copy of your personal identification card and a picture of you. We will not give out information about your case to your family members or friends, unless you specifically authorize us to do so in writing.

Outstanding Legal Representation

Wayne Wright L.L.P. strives to provide the best possible legal representation and client service. If you are not satisfied with our services, contact our office to let us know. Wayne Wright requires every staff member to report any client’s dissatisfaction to a member of our management team. We take this so seriously that Mr. Wright created an “Ombudsman Program” to handle all client complaints. We believe that good communication can solve most issues that may arise. That is why we focus so much on communication throughout each case.