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Situations in Which Hospitals Are Responsible for a Person’s Death

San Antonio is home to many world-class hospitals, but even these medical facilities can fail their patients. Unfortunately, it is almost commonplace to hear of a patient who goes in for a simple procedure or ailment and ends up dying. Although such an occurrence is common, it doesn’t mean it is right.

When Hospitals Are Liable for Wrongful Death

Did a nurse give your loved one the wrong medication, which caused a fatal allergic reaction? Did the doctor make a mistake during surgery that ended the life of one of your family members? If so, you may be able to make a claim against the hospital for wrongful death. A variety of different scenarios occur in which hospitals can be held negligent, including:

  • The hospital’s own negligence in hiring and supervising its employees, maintaining and repairing its equipment, and managing and overseeing the medical care at the hospital contributing to a person’s death.
  • The negligence of the hospital’s staff, including the doctors, nurses, and other healthcare providers, causing a person to die.
  • The hospital fails to fire unsafe, incompetent, or unlicensed employees, who ultimately cause a death.
  • The hospital fails to establish proper patient safety protocol, such as handwashing, preventing patient falls, sanitation, and proper labeling and administration of medication, thus causing death.
  • The hospital neglects to verify that its healthcare providers are licensed, safe, and competent.
  • The hospital is understaffed, which contributes to a person’s death.
  • The hospital lacks proper patient safety, which causes a person’s death.

We Can Help You Go Up Against the Hospital

Attempting to fight the hospital on your own is a big mistake, as you will most likely lose. When you have a firm like Wayne Wright LLP on your side, however, you greatly increase your chance of success. Speak to one of our legal professionals by calling 800-237-3334 to start learning more about your rights.