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The Wayne Wright Way: What You Can Expect From Working With Our Law Team

“You Deserve Respect and Justice, So We Demand It”

What is the essence of Wayne Wright LLP? “You Deserve Respect and Justice, So We Demand It!” aptly summarizes the way Wayne Wright and his team feel about the people they are proud to represent. More than just a slogan, the words became the philosophy by which every Wayne Wright LLP team member works with clients and with each other.

When You Call, We Respond


At Wayne Wright LLP, we realize each call, contact, visit, or email is an opportunity to serve you. Our qualified Client Service team members answer each phone call personally and professionally, even after normal business hours. You will not be transferred or asked to leave a message. Our staff members will be able to assist you while you are still on the phone with us! We will gladly schedule home, evening or weekend appointments at your convenience, 24/7.

The Wayne Wright Way

With office locations in San Antonio, Corpus Christi, Austin, Houston, and El Paso, Texas, our plans for continued growth and expansion include new offices throughout the country. All of our offices network, so our attorneys and staff can work on the same cases regardless of where they office. For our clients, this means our attorneys and staff can access and work on the client's case, no matter where that client lives. This capability brings to each client the strength of the best legal team possible.

Wayne Wright LLP continues to represent each case with legal expertise and considers each person with dignity and concern. Through quality work, we impact lives for a positive future. Working closely with our clients, in some ways we become part of their families. We are proud to have served related family members and generations throughout the years.

The Wright Tradition Continues

When Wyatt Wright, Wayne Wright’s son, joined the firm as a trial lawyer and manager the proud tradition and passion for justice continued to another generation. Personal Injury Lawyer Wyatt Wright absolutely shares the philosophy and vision of his father. Active in the legal community, Wyatt works hard to champion the rights of citizens in the courts. As a police officer for many years before becoming a lawyer, Wyatt Wright dedicated his professional life to protecting the rights of citizens. Now he works to protect the rights of injured people against big insurance companies and powerful corporations. Respect and justice – it runs in the Wright family.