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Wrongful Death Cases Aren’t Limited to Just Car Accidents

Many people think that only car accidents are eligible for wrongful death claims, but in reality, there are many causes of wrongful death. In addition to filing a lawsuit against a drunken driver who hit and killed a loved one on Loop 1 or US 290 in Austin, you can sue for many different wrongful death scenarios.

A Variety of Wrongful Death Scenarios Exist

In addition to car accidents, you can sue for wrongful death for many reasons. Consult with an attorney if:

  • The victim was intentionally killed. You may be able to make a claim against someone who purposely killed your loved one. Perhaps one of the most well-known wrongful death lawsuits was the trial of O.J. Simpson, who was accused of murdering his wife, Nicole Brown, and Ron Goldman. While he was acquitted of the criminal charge of murder, he was found liable in the wrongful death case and was ordered to pay $33.5 million to the victims' families.
  • A medical error caused your loved one’s death. Performing the wrong medical procedure or giving the incorrect medication are just a few of the hospital scenarios that could cause a patient’s death. Additionally, you may be able to hold a doctor accountable for failing to properly diagnose your loved one’s condition if this error resulted in your loved one’s death.
  • Negligence caused the death. You may be able to file a wrongful death claim if death resulted because of someone else’s negligence. For instance, if you left your child with a sitter and the child died, you may have a case.

We Can Help You Seek Justice

When someone close to you dies, you are affected in a variety of ways. In addition to feeling grief, you may also suffer financially. The attorneys of Wayne Wright may be able to help you recover these losses by filing a wrongful death lawsuit. Schedule your appointment to speak with a legal professional about your case by calling 800.237.3334.