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Federal judge slams VW with hard deadline for a fix

Posted on Feb 26, 2016

The song and dance is over.  VW has one month to produce a plan for fixing all the dirty diesel engine cars it fraudulently sold to U.S. car buyers.  According to Bloomberg News, the deadline involves “…600,000 diesel vehicles still on the road…”

The German auto maker admitted last September that it installed cheater software on the vehicles so they could pass strict American emissions standards.  They emit 40 times more toxic fumes than U.S. emissions standards allow.


End of the road for VW:  Judge won’t budge

United States District Judge Charles Breyer told VW lawyers during a hearing yesterday in San Francisco that he has a “sense of urgency” about the matter, according to a report in the German newspaper Deutsche Welle.  Judge Breyer has given VW until the 24th of March to present an “acceptable fix” to bring its diesel engine cars into compliance with clean air laws in the United States.

VW timeframe for repairs spurs indignation

An estimated 11 million VW cars worldwide have the cheater devices installed on their diesel engines.  VW came under heavy criticism from the business division of Bloomberg News recently, which estimated that it would take 32 years for VW to fix the affected cars at the sluggish rate it was going.  Judge Breyer’s ruling may significantly accelerate that time frame, at least in the United States.  The Bloomberg story noted that 2.4 million cars in Germany need the fix.  But the company has only repaired 4,300 vehicles there since it began retooling them a few months ago.

VW’s stall job skids to a halt in the U.S.

It’s clear that nearly seven months after the VW cheating scandal broke, the German auto maker has been dancing around a fix for the mess it created – years of toxic pollution spewed around the world, the severely diminished resale value of its diesel engine cars after years of fraudulent claims about their “clean” performance, the lack of buyback offers since the scandal broke and VW’s obvious lack of willingness to pay damages.

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