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The shocking, untold story about medical devices

Posted on Nov 19, 2015

That pain in your knee or hip got so bad that you had hip replacement surgery or a surgical implant in your knee to put you back on your feet.  You were better for a time and then, it failed.  Or, you got an infection deep in your joint.

Or you got a transvaginal mesh implant to treat incontinence and organ prolapse.  Now, pelvic pain is plaguing you twenty-four hours a day.

Perhaps you had an IVC filter implanted in your body to prevent blood clots from reaching your heart or lungs.  But the filter can “migrate” from the large central vein in your abdomen where it was placed, leaving you in danger of imminent death.

You can file a law suit against the manufacturers of those devices

Wayne Wright has successfully represented people in these lamentable situations.  Lots of them have filed lawsuits in these and cases involving other medical devices.  So don’t hesitate to call.  Consultations are free.  And you owe nothing unless our lawyers win your case.  Then, you pay a percentage of the award that you agreed upon, before your case was filed, so you know exactly what to expect.

How on earth did this happen to you in the first place?

You were really a “guinea pig.” And you were far from alone.  The same thing has happened to thousands of people.  The way medical devices are approved - even potentially dangerous devices – is shocking and has hurt thousands of people.

What studies about medical devices reveal

Yale University researchers in 2015 found that “…most medical devices go to market with little evidence they work or are safe….”  An article in The Huffington Post .about the research says The U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) permits “99 percent of new devices” to be sold on the market “without any new clinical testing whatsoever.”

It says “high risk devices” are tested, but at a minimum level.  And those are the very devices implanted in humans.  “…coronary stents, replacement hips and intraocular lenses…” and others are approved by the FDA after being tested on just 100 people, according to the university’s researchers.

Plenty of lawsuits have been filed by those who suffered the consequences.  According to The Huffington Post article:  “…more than 6,000 patients of the 150,000” who had the DePuy Pinnacle Complete prosthetic hip system implanted in their bodies, have sued the manufacturer, charging that the device caused pain and “leached metal ions into their bloodstreams…”

Earlier reports also sounded alarms

In 2012, CBS News reported that a payment of roughly $4,000 and some paperwork was all the FDA required to approve some high risk devices.  The network story was based on an article in Consumer Reports, a national non-profit agency focused on protecting the public.  The article charged that the only “safety testing” conducted by the FDA was on “unsuspecting patients.”

Contact the Wayne Wright law firm if you or a loved one was one of those “unsuspecting patients.”  Help is readily available.