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TOO LITTLE TOO LATE: Another Tragic Takata Air Bag Death

Posted on Jun 16, 2015

This time the victim was just 22 years old.  Her Takata airbag exploded with such force in April, that metal fragments from the bag severed an artery in her neck.  She died four days later in a Lafayette, Louisiana hospital.  Kylan Langlinais never knew the airbag in her 2005 Honda civic was a potential bomb.

She bought her 2005 Honda in October, 2014. Takata sent a recall notice to the car’s former owner three days before Langlinais crashed into a utility pole.  Her family has filed a lawsuit against Takata in federal court.

A Takata airbag killed a Texas man in January, 2015.  The airbag in Carlos Solis’ 2002 Honda Accord exploded after a minor collision near Houston.  He was found unconscious at the scene.  Police reported his, was caused by the air bag.  Like Langlinais, Solis may not have known his car was on a recall list.

The victim’s cars were part of a 34 million recall of cars made by 10 major auto manufacturers whose vehicles were built with Takata air bags.  According to the New York Times, “automakers have identified and recalled fewer than 16 million cars.”  Takata has known about its defective air bags for nearly 10 years but only recently expanded the recall.  The company claims it is having difficulty notifying owners of all cars with Takata airbags because the defect dates back so many years.

Safercar.gov has a list of all recalled cars with Takata airbags.  The list can be accessed using a car’s VIN number.  Consumer Reports has a detailed list of questions and answers about the recall that car owners with Takata airbags will find very informative, including information about the safest thing to do if a car is on the recall list.  Another website, wow.com lists every make of car with Takata airbags.

Although air bag explosions are not commonplace, they are dangerous.  So far, they have killed seven people and seriously injured an estimated 100 victims.  Unfortunately, replacement airbags are in short supply so there is a waiting list for repairs.  And some of Taketa’s replacement airbags may be defective too.  But no other make of airbag can be installed in a car with a Takata airbag.  The cars are built to hold only Takata airbags.

So far, the Japanese company admits it does not know the cause of the explosions.  But experts urge car owners not to disable their airbags if they find their car is on the recall list.

Call Wayne Wright about Takata airbag injuries.  The firm’s legal experts can represent injured owners successfully as they have in many cases involving victims of auto crashes and defective products for more than 30 years.